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Monday, December 9, 2013

Riot in Little India

Picture from InSing

Was woken up to WA messages last night about a riot in Little India, Singapore and my parents were rambling about it this morning. For their generation, rioting is a very common thing and scary too. Although, it has been about 40 years since a riot happened, I think we should all be careful and more vigilant even in a reputable safe haven like Singapore. 

The cause :

A bus knocked down a man and the people near the incident were provoked into a riot.

It is rumored last night that the man who was knocked down and pinned under the car was an Indian National which have just been confirmed by the Government.

18 injured, including 10 police officers, as mob attacks rescuers trying to retrieve body from under bus following traffic accident. (

Quick Summary from

A riot broke out involving a crowd of about 400 subjects where the subjects damaged 5 police vehicles and 1 ambulance. Several other private vehicles were also damaged. 10 officers were injured.

27 individuals have been arrested for rioting with dangerous weapons. The deceased pedestrian was an Indian national and the bus driver a Singaporean. 

A total of 9 SCDF vehicles were damaged in the incident.

 Police activated resources from Special Operations Command and Gurkha Contingent to the scene and the situation is under control by 1.30am

Full Report here:

More updates here:

Youtube video:

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