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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Alvin Yang , Yuki Ng and Zoe Raymond Part 2

If you have already read Part 1 , you can skip to the paragraph below the introduction of key characters :

You may have already heard of the facebook page (personal blog) of Yuki Ng that is spreading like wildfire in facebook right now. Why is it like wildfire? It's achieving hundreds of likes every hour and just yesterday late last night when I was reading the whole story it was only 3000+ likes but in the morning when I checked it has already reached 4000+ likes.

After reading it, I had the urge to translate what Yuki wrote in Chinese for the convenience of her many readers but I decided not to. Instead, I am going to write a summary with important points so that more people will be encouraged to read it instead of just browsing and missing the whole point of the story.

First, let's introduce the key characters :
  • The Husband To Be - Alvin Yang
  • The Wife To Be - Yuki Ng
  • The Alleged Third Party - Zoe Raymond
  • Zoe's Boyfriend but Now Ex-Boyfriend - Vincent Siow
  • Alvin's Friend - Denson
  • Zoe's Friend - Jing
  • Yuki's Sister - Dobby
  • Dobby's BF - Shaun
  • Zoe's Mother
  • Alvin's Father
  • Alvin's Mother
  • Zoe's Colleague - Melvin
Today's newspaper : 20/12/2012
As someone has already partially translated Episode 2 to English, I am going to just write a summary again:

13 April 2012 : On the very next day after Yuki attempted suicide, Yuki's friend saw Alvin together with another girl at Dempsey Dome Cafe sharing intimate moments over a dessert. Upon knowing the news, Yuki was devastated and she was on the verge of breaking down and jumping out of her window.

15 April 2012: Due to Yuki's unstable state of emotions, her family took turns to keep her company and they even brought her to the church to see if it will help her condition but eventually, she couldn't take the overwhelming mental stress and broke down in the church.

18 April 2012: To keep up pretenses, Alvin informed Yuki to go to China Club for his sister, Alicia's birthday. (It's the same day that they were supposed to taste the restaurant dishes at the Hotel for the wedding banquet). Alvin also played his part as the doting boyfriend that night and Yuki continued to hide the fact of how she was injured from Alvin's family. A can of opened herbal tea was also discovered in Alvin's car which Yuki knows that it does not belong to him.

23 April 2012:  After meeting Zoe in the day, Alvin arranged to meet Yuki at night. Prior to their meeting, Yuki requested for Dobby to bring her to the church to pray for strength and wisdom. After having a blissful dinner at Yuki's favourite Japanese restaurant, Alvin finally broke the peaceful silence at the cross junction of Yuki's house. He will inform their families about the cancellation of the wedding and it also signifies the end of their relationship. There will also be no more room for discussion about this issue. Yuki insisted to be around when he breaks the news to his own parents.

Alvin's reasons to his parents for cancelling the wedding were that they had many differences and arguments over the wedding preparations and he didn't want to get married anymore. Alvin's parents felt that this was a common occurrence for all wedding couples and it's not a valid reason at all. Alvin and his Dad had a private talk and the first comment Alvin's dad had after the talk was that his son was no longer like his son anymore. Alvin's Dad conclusion was that as long as there is love, both Alvin and Yuki should go through counseling and not give up so easily.

That night, Zoe wrote on her twitter that : "I can finally sleep well."

Yuki's friend also helped her to find proof of Alvin and Zoe's regular meetings :

April 4th: Lunch with Zoe near her office
April 7th: Picked Zoe up to go to Denson's birthday party at a Chalet
April 8th: Breakfast with Zoe before picking Yuki up to another event
April 11th: Breakfast with Zoe and Alvin gave her a bouquet of Sunflowers. Alvin's nickname given by Zoe was also revealed to be Ginger Bread Man


April 19th: Dinner with Zoe
April 21st: Dinner with Zoe
April 22nd: Send Zoe pictures of the birthday lunch cooked by Alvin's mother for his cousin.
April 30th: Alvin's parents finally realized the presence of a third party but they did not openly accused him and everyone maintained a painful silence over the matter.

May 4th 2012: Alvin suggested for a face to face talk, Yuki chose his house as the venue.

Yuki dressed up and cooked dinner for him.

Summary of conversation:

Yuki mustered up her courage to ask if there was a third party but Alvin denied. Alvin insisted that their relationship already had problems and he realized that he could be happy even without her presence in his life. She also asked if it was because of the stress of the wedding that caused his change but not because he didn't love her. Alvin agreed that the wedding might have been the cause. Alvin said it was his fault for not voicing out earlier and he would like to have a probation period between them for 1 month so that he would not regret his decision.

Yuki asked him if he will be afraid to lose her, Alvin's answer was no, he is not afraid. Eventually, Yuki told him that she will forgo the probation period and immediately return him his freedom as she does not want to see him suffer. Upon hearing this, Alvin jumped off the bed to hold her hands tightly with tears in his eyes asking: "You really don't even want the 1 month that I give you? Are you sure?" Yuki was very disappointed with his reaction and asked another question, will you fall in love easily with another girl after our break up? Alvin shook his head seriously and replied no though Yuki knew that Alvin's reply was a complete lie.

They ended up hugging each other to sleep with moments of sadness while they recounted the happy moments they had together. During these few hours, it was as if they were back to their past and were as loving as before.

5th May 2012: For the very first time throughout their relationship, Yuki checked Alvin's handphone. She came to realize that Alvin's offer of a 1 month was a plot for Alvin and Zoe to be able to get together without any accusations that Alvin did not try his best or that Zoe was a third party and it will be Alvin's birthday present to Zoe whose birthday is on 6th June. With this knowledge, Yuki requested for the probation period to be extended to her birthday which was in August. In the afternoon, Zoe sent a sms at 3.44pm to scold Alvin for being a liar.

When Yuki sat in Alvin's car that day after a week of not taking his ride, she discovered many evidences including titbits and clothes which blatantly revealed the presence of someone else who is regularly sitting his car besides her and his parents. Alvin's Dad also told Yuki that they had already met with Zoe before to warn her that she should not come in between them but Zoe's reply was that she and Alvin are only good friends and she has a steady boyfriend at that point. Furthermore, she was also invited as a guest to Alvin and Yuki's wedding.

8th May 2012: Yuki suggested for them to go Mount Faber Jewel box to have dinner but was turned down by Alvin. They ended up eating nearby Yuki's house. They took some couple shots but Alvin forbade her from uploading to Facebook and sent her home by 10pm.

11th May 2012:  They went with Alvin's dad to the hotel to postpone the wedding to 7th December 2012 and Alvin said that he will be using his auntie's sickness as a pretext to Yuki's parents about the cancellation.

12th May 2012: Yuki's friend texted her that on 9th May 2012, they spotted Alvin having dinner with Zoe at Mount Faber Jewel Box. That night, Yuki couldn't take it anymore and asked Alvin again if there was a third party. Once again, Alvin denied. Yuki then asked if Alvin actually had the heart to save their relationship, Alvin replied yes, he is still trying but he has a condition and the condition is that Yuki would not be allowed to stay over his place anymore.

13th May 2012: Celebrated Mother's Day for Alvin's Mother

17th May 2012: Yuki found out from her ex-boyfriend, Joe that Alvin emailed him to help find a job for Zoe's sister, Zonia Raymonds.

18th May 2012: Yuki went to Alvin's house and waited for him in the room, after he came back from dinner with Zoe, he was shocked to find her in his room. She said she wanted to chill out with him for a while, he impatiently told her to go home after drinking. She said that she will like to stay over as tomorrow morning they will be going together to Pontian to see her mother. Alvin suddenly raised his voice at her that he already warned her that she can't stay over at his place as he needs his privacy and he told her to leave immediately, otherwise, he will sleep downstairs. She bitterly replied, this is your room, the one who should sleep downstairs is me.

Feeling lost, Yuki texted Dobby and Dobby, out of concern, informed Alvin's father. Just as Alvin's dad was comforting Yuki, Alvin changed his clothes and stomped out of the house. Alvin's dad also finally knew about Yuki's attempted suicide and the pain she had to endure that night. When Yuki asked if Alvin hated her, he said no, he just wanted his space and privacy.

19th May 2012: Early morning, Yuki went to sell her car as she nearly got into an accident many times due to the emotional stress that she is facing. Alvin's mother eyes were red and swollen from crying when Yuki came back to Alvin's house and Alvin's dad was found writing a letter to his son in his study room.

21th May 2012: Alvin's father gave him the letter he wrote to reprimand and voice out his disapproval of Alvin's actions.

26th May 2012: On the way to Pontian, Alvin changed his mind and said that he will inform Yuki's mother, that the postponement of the wedding was because they had relationship problems but in the end at the crucial moment, he went along with the pretext of his Auntie being sick. Yuki was also finally informed by Dobby that their mother had actually known about Alvin's betrayal and her mother has been trying hard to put on a brave act in front of them in order not to hurt Yuki.

27th May 2012: Alvin's father told Yuki that he has already acknowledged her as his daughter in law. Yuki's friend reminded her that to check if a guy has done anything behind her back, the easiest way is to count the no. of condoms left. Doing a count, Yuki discovered that the pack of 12 which was earlier left unopened last month now only had 2 pcs left.

4th June 2012: She was informed by her overseas friends that the FB event page of their Wedding Invitations had been cancelled. This was done without anyone's knowledge by Alvin, himself.

5th June 2012: Alvin's Dad wanted to look for Zoe but felt that Zoe did not deserve them to look for her personally and appointed Dobby and Shaun to do it instead.  When Yuki asked Alvin's parents if she could go look for Zoe in the capacity of Alvin's fiancée, they also agreed that she should but they also reminded her to should keep her cool and not lash out physically at Zoe so as to avoid a court case. Shaun and Dobby knew that Yuki was very upset that Alvin would be celebrating Zoe's birthday together with her and they both decided to go and look for Zoe's mother to address the injustice. They only spoke with Zoe's parents over the intercom for a while and Zoe's parents said that they will ask their daughter about it.

6th June 2012: Alvin told Yuki that he was drunk last night at a friend's place and didn't go home. After a while later, he probably received news about Shaun and Dobby's visit to Zoe's house and Alvin started sending many nasty smses to Yuki, scolding both her and her family. Alvin also took his engaged status off facebook on that day.

7th June 2012: Shaun contacted Zoe's boyfriend, Vincent Siow to talk to Yuki. The moment they met, Vincent started to apologize. He apologized for not informing Yuki earlier about Alvin's infidelity and he said that the watch Zoe has was not bought by him. After discovering that Zoe had betrayed him again, furthermore with a man who is going to be married, Vincent had already broke off their 3 years relationship with Zoe.

Summary of Zoe's Mother conversation with Shaun:

Zoe's mother was worked up and claimed that they are falsely accusing Zoe as they have a strict family upbringing and Zoe would never do this. They have already asked Zoe and they knew how Alvin and Zoe met. They also believed that Zoe and Alvin are just friends right now.  Alvin also told Zoe that his relationship with Yuki were already having problems since December and Alvin has already promised Zoe's mother that he would be settling the matter on his own. When informed about Alvin and Yuki's impending marriage in June, Zoe's mother said she didn't know until they told her. Shaun asked if she met Alvin, Zoe's mother said she hasn't. Shaun asked if Zoe's mother can still accept Alvin after knowing how he treated Yuki, Zoe's mother replied that they will not be able to accept him right now but 6 months later it will be hard to say as everything is already in the past. Shaun asked Zoe's mother if Vincent and Zoe are still together. Zoe's mother said she didn't know but she is very disappointed with Vincent for mixing around with people like Shaun.

13th June 2012: Under the encouragement of her family, Yuki decided to speak with Zoe face to face. They met at a cafe. Zoe brought along a colleague, Melvin and only after meeting that they realized Melvin and Dobby were long-time friends. Melvin also frankly said that if he had been in Alvin's position and he was the one who cheated, he will not let the 2 girls meet on their own but will be there to resolve the problems together with them. The person who should be here today is really Alvin and not him.

Summary of Dobby, Yuki, Zoe and Melvin's conversation: 

 Alvin's absence was questioned and Zoe replied that she did ask him but he said if he was to come, it will be messier and he told them to talk it out themselves. Dobby asked Zoe why she is wrecking other peoples' relationship. Zoe said she didn't. Dobby passed the love letter Zoe wrote to Alvin for Melvin to read. After reading, Melvin only shook his head. Dobby placed Alvin and Yuki's wedding pictures on the table, Zoe lowered her head, refusing to look at them. Yuki asked why did Zoe keep hanging around her fiancé even after knowing that he is going to get married soon. Zoe insisted on her story that they are only good friends and after Yuki's family went to her house, they have not met again since then.

Yuki asked Zoe if they are only good friends, why did they buy a pair of couple watch together. Zoe said that it's her, Alvin and Jing who bought the watches together. Yuki then asked why did Zoe lied to Alvin's parents that it was Vincent who bought it; Zoe replied that Alvin wanted her to tell them that way. Yuki continued to ask if Zoe was sure that it was 3 people who bought the watches and she hinted that she had evidence. Zoe went quiet and didn't reply. Yuki also questioned Zoe, why did she still continue to meet Alvin and accept rides from him so frequently even though she already knew that he was an engaged man. Zoe replied that it was Alvin who kept looking for her. Yuki then said that actually she already knew about Zoe's presence a long time ago and she is also aware about what Zoe is posting on her twitter. To this revelation, Zoe kept quiet again.

In the face of Zoe's silence, Yuki started to get agitated and started to accused Zoe to get the truth out of her but Zoe kept insisting on the good friends story and that it was only meals that they were sharing together. Finally, Yuki asked Zoe if she wants to tell her the truth or does she want Yuki to post everything on social media for Zoe to respond to netizens instead.

Upon further questioning, Zoe said that she knows about the postponement of their wedding but she did not know that Yuki and Alvin are trying to mend their relationship.

Dobby also told Zoe to stop hugging and self-posing with the Ginger Bread Man soft toy in her pictures as it's clear that she is trying to show and remind Alvin how much she loves him that way.

Yuki also asked if it was Zoe who initiated to get close with Alvin, Zoe's response was that is it necessary to say it in such an ugly manner and Yuki should go and ask Alvin, herself. When Yuki asked again, Zoe replied if it was necessary to explain. Yuki then responded passionately that it's necessary as she asking on behalf of Alvin's parents as well and how can Zoe still continue to do so even after knowing she committed suicide over this. Zoe replied that she didn't know Yuki committed suicide! Yuki then continued to press on her accusations with tears rolling down her face and eventually, Zoe replied with a very insincere apology.

Yuki then said that Zoe is lucky that she is the person who Zoe met today, as someday; Zoe will meet with a person more fierce than her. Zoe finally retaliated by saying that if Yuki and Alvin's love had been strong enough, nothing would have been able to shake it. Yuki then said that she will keep all the evidence and reveal it on the day that Alvin and Zoe are officially together so that they will no longer need to hide around. Zoe's reply was to say, is it necessary to do it to this extent? I apologize, ok? Yuki kept quiet. Finally, Zoe said, what has to be said has been said, if there is nothing else, I am leaving.

After Zoe left, Yuki's sister asked her if she really wanted to just let Zoe leave like this. Yuki could only say  that Zoe has already silently admitted it, what else can she do?

Upon reaching the car park, Yuki broke down and cried. Her elder sister, JN was angry at the injustice Yuki suffered and went up to Zoe to scold her for being a third party. As Yuki's younger sister who was pregnant got worried that their elder sister, JN would be impulsive and create trouble for herself, she went up hurriedly to stop JN. When Zoe turned around, some of the coffee that Yuki's pregnant younger sister was holding spilled on Zoe and Zoe slapped Yuki's elder sister in a fury. Upon being slapped, JN was frozen on to the spot and Zoe still wanted to continue to hit her but luckily, Melvin stopped her in time and a passerby helped to stop Yuki's sister from retaliating, otherwise, they would have ended up in a fight.

Seeing her sister's face, Yuki was very upset and they sent JN to see a doctor and made a police report.

- To be Continued by Yuki -

Original Chinese Version and partial English Version translated by Kris Dusk Luna below (Now updated with the rest of the translation by playground from


跳海后的第二天,有个朋友传来简讯,看见你和一个瘦小的女子在Dempsey Dome Cafe有说有笑的分享一份甜品。你没打算过来看看我的伤势如何,却有时间和那女人见面?我从房间冲出客厅要家人快点把窗户都关紧,因为我已失控的有想跳楼的念头。家人告诉我早上已偷看了我的手机,读了那封情书。家人彻夜无法入眠,轮流看着我,怕我做傻事。

因为怕我情绪不稳定,家人不敢留我一人在家,把我带出去吃早餐。姐姐停好车下车一会儿,不知为何我在车里感到很害怕, 歇斯底里的吼叫说车里有很多的魔鬼包围着我。我拼了命的拍打车窗要姐姐来救我。家人吓得赶紧带我去附近的Holy Trinity教堂见神父。他给了我一条十字架项链,然后带我到祈祷室祷告。心情平静后,突然我听见有人在我耳边说耶稣在骗你,他没在听你说话。我忿怒的把

你通知我一起去China Club 庆祝你妹妹Alicia的生日(本来是酒店婚宴试菜的日子。一家人能一起吃饭,我妹妹Dobby安慰我说我们应该没事了。当你父母问我为何受伤时,我只说是为了追个差点掉进海里的小孩而跌伤了。那晚你温柔的搂着我,是为了做戏给你家人看还是你真的关心我?我在你车上看见喝了半罐的凉茶。 我知道你不喝那种凉茶。后来我才知道是她故意留下的。

早上你接ZR上班,12点多时ZR来你公司附近吃午餐。下午,你约我晚上见面吃饭。( 你的行动还真快,才和她吃完午饭你就拨电约我。是不是你们商量好该如何解决我了,赶紧请我吃最后一顿丰富的晚餐让我一路好走?)我怕见你,怕得全身发抖,需要Dobby马上带我去教堂祈求主给我智慧和勇气来面对你。
一 上车我又看见了你从没买过已喝剩半瓶的果汁。我们去了一间我最爱的幸福日本餐厅吃晚餐后,送我回家路上全程安静的你终于在到我家路口时说出口了:你会通知 你父母我们的婚礼决定取消,你说婚礼取消就等于分手(没有商量的余地)。我坚持要与你见你的父母一起商量。到你家后你就对你父母说:因为筹备婚礼意见不和 经常争吵所以你不想结婚。(其实我们最多不是斗斗嘴,小吵一下很快就过去了吗?你不是在你朋友面前称赞过我是个独立会自己做事的新娘吗?)你的父母觉得筹 备婚礼闹变扭很平常,你的理由不足以造成婚礼取消那么严重。你父亲和你单独在房里谈了一会出来时说我的儿子已经不像我的儿子了。。。他说什么问题都不是问题,最重要是你们之间还有没有爱?就算结局不完美,也要以最完善的方式来处理。你的父亲要我们接受辅导和再努力尝试,不要轻易放弃。     

当晚在ZRTwitter里写:I can finally sleep well。因为Alvin终于正式向他父母提出取消婚礼的决定了。
你到ZR 办公的Abaccus Toastbox 一起吃午餐。
一大早你就带她到Raffles Starbucks@liat towers吃早餐,而且还送了她一束你一向不喜欢的太阳花。送花人:姜饼人(Ginger Bread Man).
前你就开始变成ZR的姜饼人(Ginger Bread Man)!!!
你载她到Paradise Dynasty Ion 吃晚餐。
你们到TakaAngus Steak House 吃牛排。

你说要见面谈谈,我建议就在你家里好了。 我特意打扮了一番,煮了晚餐等你来。
我们一直聊天聊到凌晨, 你抱紧着我数度难过痛苦地哭泣,我们一起回忆从前。其实我们已回到以前亲密恩爱的感觉,只是你没查觉到。

结果下午ZR 3:44pm又传简讯骂你是大骗子。
你的父亲对我透露原      来在03.05.12,你父母曾到ZR办公楼附近约你们见面。他们质问你们为什么买情侣表,又提醒ZR我们已订婚两个月内将结婚,希望你们保持距离。
回应:UncleAunty 我已有很要好的男朋友,手表是男友在波士顿卖给我的礼物。我很珍惜我们的感情的。我知道Alvin要结婚了,我也已受邀参加Alvin的婚礼。我们只是要好的朋友。

今天是我们求婚周年日, 当我在默默倒数着想要对你说。。。准准不差12am却被ZR抢先打电话给你。在我面前你很慌张的应付了她几句,告诉她你和你的女友在一起就挂了电话。我很难过但还是对你说了:亲爱的,求婚周年日快乐。希望你还记得我们是相爱着的,记得你当初为了什么想娶我而求婚。我爱你。下车前,我忍住眼泪对你说:我是你的未婚妻,不只是你的女友。请你自重。

我们说好补庆祝求婚周年日。我建议去Mount Fable JewelBox用晚餐,结果你还是带我到最靠近我家东部的Katong Shopping Center随意决定的吃Shabu-Shabu。我知道你没有心,但我们能在一起庆祝,我很满足了。 我们拍了一些合照,你不准我放我们的合照在FB10pm你就把我送回家了。

突然收到朋友的来电告诉我她和男友09.05.2012看见你和ZRMount Fable JewelBox用晚餐, 原本她不想说,因为知道我们的婚期只在一个月后。 我完全听傻了,那不是我在前一天要你去庆祝我们求婚周年日的地方吗?

前男友Joe约我喝咖啡,问我我们的感情是否有问题,因为Alvin突然主动Email Joe 要他帮忙介绍TOYOTA行销的工作给一个叫Zonia Raymond的女孩。 你居然叫我的前男友帮你的新欢的妹妹找工作?
骂我傻为什么自己全部忍着瞒着好友们?我在他面前羞愧得哭了。我觉得你让我好丢脸,好委屈。Joe是曾经那么的祝福我说:他很放心也为我开心能遇到像你这样会爱惜我的男人呀! 他安慰我说现在你可能只是一时贪新鲜,一时糊涂。为我加油。

18.05.2012> 10pm
我没听从你事先安排好的时间指示在你家等你回来。你和刚从泰国回来的ZR吃 晚餐。回来时你一看到我在房间就吓了一跳。我说我想和你喝两杯。你嫌弃又不耐烦地告诉我快点喝了酒早点回家。我说今晚我会在这里过夜既然明早会一起回笨珍 见我妈妈。你突然对我大吼叫说:我不是警告过你不准在我家过夜吗?我要我的隐私权,你马上离开,不然我就睡楼下。(你是在和你的未婚妻说不准她进入你曾经 告诉她这是将来能带给她幸福美满的家吗?)
我感觉彷徨无助就通知了在越南渡假的妹妹Dobby 她 很担心的马上通知你的父亲照顾我。正当你父亲在安慰我时,你却换了衣服冲出去。即使你父亲叫住你,拨电给你你都不要回来,你还骂他不要再插手管你的事!我 只好追出去找你,当我问你你恨我吗?你说不会,你只是要自由,你要隐私权,你要个人空间!(我就是在问,你恨我挡在你和ZR之间是吗?)

〉 早上我不理你,出门去车行把我的车给卖了,因为多次在车里奔溃差点出车祸让家人都不放心我继续开车。买完车后回你家,看见的那一幕让我难忘。你的母亲双眼。他希望能唤醒你们的父子之情,希望他们一直可爱善良的儿子能觉悟红肿,一看就知道哭了一整晚。我好心疼。当我安慰她时,你母亲说你的父亲更难过更需要安慰。我实在受不了看到这样的画面。当我见你父亲时,我看见一位父亲 忧郁而沉重地在书写着信件给他的儿子。

晚上Dobby拨电给我说其实妈妈一早就知道你背叛我的事,只是家人们事先通知她千万别责骂你因为我们俩还在努力挽回感情中。以免增加我们之间的裂痕和压力。妈妈其实天天打电话问姐妹们我的近况,她想来新加坡看我却被姐妹们阻止了要假装不知道让我专心挽回我的婚姻。我听了后心很绞痛。 原来我所谓的努力。。。竟伤透了我家里的每一个人,尤其是年迈的妈妈。我很内疚。


〉你父亲和我们在书房里聊,他对你说他已把我看成未来准媳妇了。有时即使是他儿子做错事他也不会偏袒自己的儿子。因为你公公也是这样。他希望我们好好好努力尽力的维持我们的感情。我非常感动您父亲如此的肯定我在杨家的身份。但你呢? 我的朋友教我。。。如果要知道你老公又没有出轨,察看你们的避孕套数目就知道了。听起来很Aunty hor, 但我还是数了。我前一阵子数过,有一盒12包全新没开过。现在只剩下两个。


〉你父亲原先想找ZR再谈,但越想越气认为她不配和你父母坐下来谈,觉得有失身份。他说让让DobbyShaun 代表找ZR谈也可以。当我问我可否以未婚妻的身份去质问ZR时他们也赞成我绝对有这个身份去找她,只是一再提醒我千万别动手打人惹官司就不好。十一点多的时候送我回家。他们不知道其实我已吞了十多粒的安眠药再加红酒,我的家人又再一次被我惊吓。
Shaun & Dobby

ZR的生日〉你先是对我说昨晚你在朋友家喝酒很醉了所以没回家。过了一会应该是你收到ShaunDobby上门找人的事而大发脾气。你不断地传了很多辱骂我和我家人的简讯。我读着你骂我的每一句话,我的心真的伤透了。为什么做错事的是你,被辱骂的是我?最后一句:我没欠你任何解释,我们到此为止! Bye!(一个Bye就解决我了?) 你在FB把你的Engaged status拿掉。因为是ZR的生日吧。


Alvin Yuki本来16.06.2012要结婚了你们知道吗?
:那么说你们见过Alvin 了?
Shaun: VS

:为什么Alvin 没来?
:(眼睛不断打转)哦。。。这其实不是情侣表,是我,Alvin Jing三人一起买的。
:那为什么骗Alvin 父母是你男友VS送的?
ZR: Oh...
:我一早就可以找你对峙,但我没这么做是因为我希望Alvin自己可以反省,觉悟,让他做出自己的选择。(还不公平吗?)大家都是成年人所以我想用文明的方式来处理。 但你为什么一直缠着他不放?
:我没有,我不知道你们在修补。 (你很废话,知道我们延迟婚礼不知道我们在修补?)
Dobby: By the way
想告诉你Incase你不知道 ,不要一直抱着那姜饼人Ginger Bread Man拍那么多照向Alvin示爱,很丑很恶心。乖,那玩具收起来好吗?(说真的,我同意,我听了在偷笑)
:你认为身为他的未婚妻(出式我的钻戒),我现在不能一巴掌打你吗?肯定没人敢拉住我,因为你本来就该打!而且我YUKI如果要打人,我会MAKE SURE我把你打到趴在地上爬。为什么我没这么做?就因为我们都是女人。女人不打女人,女人不伤女人。你明白吗? 你不觉得自己歉我一个对不起吗?
我:Ok, 你等着瞧,这些证据我会收着,今天你说你们之间没什么,那我就等到你们正式在一起的那天我才帮你们公布你的丑事。(这样你们就不用躲了)
Ok, Ok该说的都说了,还有什么要说吗? 没有我就走了。


说完我就和Dobby, Shaun走向停车场。当时我脑子已一片空白,过后在停车场哭泣得不能自我。直问自己连ZR都敢认了,我该接受事实你已背叛我了吗?
姐姐JN不服气的去追ZR责问她, 而大肚子的妹妹因为担心姐姐JN冲动做错事而追了上去。姐姐JNZR什么不好做,做第三者,破坏别人婚姻。
相信ZR已被激怒了,说时快那时快,当她转身的时候我大肚子妹妹手中的咖啡失手泼在ZR 的身上。而ZR已伸手愤怒的打了姐姐JN一巴掌。JN整个人被突如其来的一巴掌打得愣住了。反而ZR还想再冲上前再打我姐姐。幸亏Melvin拉着ZR,有个路人经过劝说拉住了我姐姐。不然她们一定会打起来的。


2nd Episode - I met with 'Small 3', 'Small 3' hit my sister. We shall see you in court.

< 13.04.2012 >
The day after I jumped into the sea, a friend of mine sent me a SMS, showing you with a skinny girl talking & laughing at Dempsey Dome Cafe, sharing a dessert.
You clearly had no intention of coming to see how were my injuries, instead, you felt time was better spent on that girl.
I immediately rushed out to the living room, and realized that all the windows were shut tight by my family because they know I've been out of control recently and had suicidal thoughts.
They told me that they had already sneaked a peek at my phone and love letters during the morning. Being so worried to the point that they were unable to sleep, constantly checking up on me, afraid that I would do anything silly.

< 15.04.2012 >
For fear of my emotional instability, my family dare not leave me alone at home, and brought me out for breakfast.
At one point, my sister parked the car and got off for a moment, strangely, I started to feel an overwhelming sense of fear, I could hear a hysterical roar telling me there were demons surrounding me in the car.
I frantically banged on the window, wanting my sister to save me. My family freaked out, and immediately brought me to the nearby Holy Trinity church to see the pastor.
He gave me a cross necklace, and then took me to the prayer room to pray.
After I finally calmed down, all of a sudden, I heard a whisper by my ear saying, "Jesus is lying to you, He isn't listening to you".
In a moment of fury, I threw the cross necklace towards (the image/statue of) Jesus, pointed at Him and scolded, "You're lying to me!" before breaking down & crying for a very long time until I got pacified eventually.

< 18.04.2012 >
You reminded me that we are to go to China Club together to celebrate your sister Alicia's birthday (it was supposed to be the tasting day for our wedding banquet at the hotel), where I would be eating with your family.
My sister Dobby assured me that it'll be fine.
When your father asked me about my injuries, I simply said I got injured while chasing after a little girl who almost fell into the sea.
That night, you put your arms gently around me, was it to put on a show for your family? Or was it because you truly cared for me?
I saw a half-finished can of herbal tea left in your car. I know you don't drink that kind of herbal tea, and it took a while for me to realize that it was deliberately left behind by her.

< 23.04.2012 >
You took ZR to work this morning, around 12PM she came over to your office's vicinity to have lunch. You asked me out for dinner during the afternoon.
(You sure are quick to act, calling me out for a date just after having lunch with her. Is it because you've finished discussing (with her) on how to deal with me, and is now anxious to treat me to one last extravagant dinner in order to bid me farewell?)
I'm afraid to see you, so afraid that I'm shivering all over, I need Dobby to bring me to church immediately for me to pray to God to give me the wisdom and courage to face you.
Once I got into the car, I saw another remnant of hers, a half-finished can of fruit juice which you've never bought before.
We went to my favorite Japanese restaurant for dinner and fetched me home after that. Just before we were about to reach my house, you finally broke the silence saying; you will notify your parents about our decision to cancel the wedding, which is also tantamount to a break up (no room for negotiation).
I insisted on meeting your parents for a discussion together.
After reaching home, you told your parents; because of many disagreements while planning for the wedding, as well as the many quarrels we had, you do not wish to marry me anymore.
(But in actual fact, didn't we only had small arguments every now and then which passed quickly? Didn't you praise me in front of your friends saying that I'm an independent bride who knows how to handle matters by herself?)
Your father felt it was natural for a couple to have small arguments while planning for weddings, and that it isn't reason enough for such a serious decision of cancelling the wedding itself.
After you and your father had your discussion privately in a room, he came out saying, "My son is no longer the same"...
He said that whatever problems between us doesn't matter, what's really important is whether there is any love left between the both of us.
Even if the outcome isn't perfect, we must deal with it as thoroughly as possible. (No regrets/lingering affections)
Your father wants us to accept counselling and continue trying our best to reconcile, not just giving up so easily.

That night, ZR posted on Twitter; "I can finally sleep well. Because Alvin has finally told his parents about his decision of cancelling the wedding."
My good friends have also helped me find some evidence of your secret rendevous with her:

04.04.2012 - You went to Abaccus Toastbox near ZR's office to have lunch together.
07.04.2012 - You drove your father's car to fetch ZR and went to the eastern holiday bungalow to celebrate Denson's birthday.
08.04.2012 - You drove your father's car again in the morning to fetch ZR for breakfast, and then fetched me to Momo & Moomoo's Easter family lunch
11.04.2012 - You brought her to Raffles Starbucks @ Liat Towers early in the morning for breakfast, you even gave her a bouquet of sunflowers which
you've never liked from the start. Flower Man : Ginger Bread Man. (?)
Alvin... 11.04.2012 is the day you started to become her Ginger Bread Man!!!
19.04.2012 - You took her to Paradise Dynasty @ Ion for dinner.
21.04.2012 - Both of you had steak at Taka's Angus Steak House.
22.04.2012 - You deliberately did not mention to me about cousin Hui Han's afternoon birthday party, yet had the heart to send ZR photos of the dishes your mom cooked.
30.04.2012 - Your parents already know about 'Small 3', everyone has decided not to openly accuse/point fingers at you. That is why you haven't the slightest clue that I've been keeping quiet about it by your side for more than three months; trying hard to restore your heart, while enduring the days you've been cheating on me.

< 04.05.2012 >
You told me you wanted to meet me and talk things over, I said to meet at your place. I deliberately dressed myself up a little and cooked dinner, awaiting your return.

Yuki: I hope you will cherish our 2 years plus relationship, is it because a third party caused our feelings to run aground? (I boldly asked, so that I could forgive you after you confess.)
Alvin: No. Our feelings started to become unstable 3 months ago, I then realized that I could lead a very happy life even without you.
Yuki: Maybe you don't like the wedding, not because you don't love me?
Alvin: I agree that might be the case. I'm a soft-hearted person that is why I didn't say it was my fault back then. (?)
Even now, I am still soft-hearted, why don't we try giving ourselves a "trial period" of 1 month? Treat it as me being selfish, to free myself from any possible regrets.
Yuki: I do not wish to lose myself in order to appease you, if I do not perform well enough for you within this 1 month period, I risk getting thrown away by you at any time, it's as if you're forcing me onto a tight rope where I could slip and fall at any moment, causing my heart to be shattered into tiny fragments.
Would you be afraid of losing me?
Alvin: I wouldn't! (My heart already shattered upon hearing this, if that's the case, what more do you want to "try"?)
Yuki: Instead of making you unhappy, I decided to give up on that "1 month trial period", I want you to be free and happy... I hope you will be happier than   me.
Alvin: *Hearing this, he actually jumped out of bed, kneeled down in front of me, held my hands tightly with tears on his face and said;
You really don't even want the "1 month trial period" I'm giving you? Are you sure? (I am very disappointed that you actually gave me this kind of answer.)
Yuki: If after breaking up, will you easily fall in love with another woman?
Alvin: *Shakes his head and in a serious manner, said;
No. (My heart is crying, because you're still lying, fool, I already know of her existence.)

We then continued chatting til dawn, you hugged me tightly and cried with sadness & pain while we reminisce on our past.
At this point, we had actually returned to our former affectionate selves, you just didn't realize it.

< 05.05.2012 >
All this while, I've always gave you 200% of my trust, this is the first time I couldn't help but check your alternate phone.
I was shocked to see you have saved ZR's birthday on 06.06, and also a text from her that read: "Just nice one month!".
I came to a sudden realization, so both of you were only trying to use the "1 month trial period" to get rid of me.
So you were only trying to create the false impression that: "We've tried to reconcile for a month, but it still didn't work out.", so that you have a good reason to break up with me as well as an excuse to tell your family & friends.
Is this the birthday present you're preparing in advance for her?
I am requesting for a trial period extending til my birthday at the end of August, even if you go to work they would give you a trial of 3 months. I don't think I'm asking for too much.
Last year, I announced on my birthday that 2011 would be the last birthday I would be single on, do you want me to spend my birthday this year alone?
In the end, ZR sent you a text at 3:44PM during the afternoon, calling you a big fat liar.

In just 1 week of my absence in your car, my seat has been adjusted, and the car is filled of different kinds of snacks you don't usually eat, but what shocked me the most was finding a dress in the boot that belonged to neither me, nor your mother, nor your sister!
Is ZR trying to declare war in my territory? Why must she deliberately leave evidence to let me know of her presence?
Your father revealed to me that on 03.05.12, your parents actually went to ZR's office demanding to see both of you.
They questioned the both of you about the couple tables (?) you two have, and also reminded ZR that we are engaged and to be married in 2 months' time, hoping the both of you would keep a distance.
ZR's reply was: "Uncle, Aunty, I already have a very good boyfriend, the watch was given to me by him from Boston as a gift. I cherish our relationship a lot. I know Alvin is getting married, I have also gotten his wedding invitation. We are only good friends.".

< 06.05.2012 >
Today is our proposal anniversary, while I'm silently counting down, I really wanted to remind you... but at the stroke of midnight, I was interrupted by a phone call from ZR.
You panicked in front of me, and quickly tried to shoo her off by telling her you were with your girlfriend, then hung up the phone.
I got very disappointed, but still told you: "My love, happy anniversary. I hope you still remember that we're still in love, that you'll remember why you wanted to marry me in the first place. I love you."
Just before getting off the bus, I held back my tears to tell you: "I am your fiancee, not your girlfriend. Do take care."

UPDATE: Continuation by playground from (EDMW)

08.05.2012 > We previously agreed to celebrate the anniversary of our engagement. Despite my suggestion to go to Mount Faber's Jewel Box for dinner, you still decided to take me to Katong Shopping Center for Shabu-Shabu, which is very near my house. I know you can't be bothered, but I am content that we are able to celebrate together. We took some photos together but you forbade me to post them on FB. At 10pm you sent me home.

11.05.2012 > You, your dad and I went to the hotel to postpone our wedding banquet to 07.12.2012. The official reason was that your aunt was ill, and this was our explanation to all our invited guests. I felt very sad that you used your aunt's illness as an excuse. If we didn't go through with the wedding, wouldn't the whole world blame your aunt? Why did you drag her in to be responsible?

13.05.2012 > We celebrated mother's day for your mum at MOMO&MOOMOO.

17.05.2012 > My ex-bf Joe invited me out for coffee and asked if there were problems with our relationship, because you suddenly emailed Joe, asking him to recommend some girl called Zonie Raymond for a job at TOYOTA. I can't believe you even asked my ex-bf to help your new love's sister to look for a job!

18.05.2012 > 10pm I disregarded your "pre-arranged timing instructions" and waited at your house for your return. You were having dinner with ZR, who just got back from Thailand. When you came home and saw me in your room, you got a shock. I said I wanted to have a couple of drinks with you. Impatiently, you told me to faster drink and go home earlier. I said I will be staying over tonight since we are going back to Pontian to see my mum tomorrow morning. Suddenly, you yelled at me saying: Did I not warn you before that you are not to stay over at my house? I want my privacy, you should leave immediately, if not I will sleep downstairs. (You are telling your fiancee that she is not to enter the home you once said would bring her much happiness?) Words could not express how I felt. My pride was completely shattered by you. My mind was a blank. With heartache I told you "this is your room", and if anyone is sleeping downstairs, it should be me.

I felt helpless, so I notified by sister Dobby, who was holidaying in Vietnam. Worried, she immediately notified your parents to take care of me. Just when your dad was consoling me, you changed your clothes and rushed out of the house. Your dad told you to stop, called your mobile, yet you did not come back. You even scolded him for interfering with your business. I ran out to look for you. When I asked, do you hate me? You said no, you just want your freedom, privacy, and personal space. (I was actually asking, do you hate me for standing between you and ZR?)
I was very tired, and both my body and soul were hurt. I also couldn't help but tell your dad about my attempted suicide, and every cruel lie you have told me.

19.05.2012 > I ignored you in the morning. Went out to sell my car since I have had many near-accidents due to my emotional instability, and my family was worried about me driving. After I sold my car, I went back to your house and saw a scene that I will never forget. Your mum's eyes were red and swollen, it was obvious she had been crying the whole night. My heart ached for her. When I comforted her, she told me your father was feeling even worse and needed consolation. I could not bear to see such a scene. When I saw your dad, I saw a father writing a letter to his son with a heavy heart. He hoped to re-awaken the bond between father and son, and hoped the kind son they always loved will come to his senses.

21.05.2012 > After your dad gave you the letter, to express his disapproval over your actions he refused to speak to you. That our (to-be) marriage was responsible for wrecking your family relationships made me very sad.

26.05.2012 > You picked me up in the morning to go back to Pontian. Suddenly you changed your mind and planned to tell my mum that the reason for postponing the wedding is due to problems in our relationship, not your aunt's illness. In fact, you were afraid to face my mother. Don't you think I am, too?

Weird thing is, after arriving at my house, you told your mum the reason was your aunt's illness. Your family was very upset over it and thus wished to postpone the wedding to 07.12.2012. Though my mum was disappointed, she could only accept and understand the groom's family situation.
Suddenly my mum started crying. She told you: She was old and had heart problems and did not know how long she has left. If she is destined not to see her last two daughters get married, she hope you will remember the promise you made during the proposal, when you held her hand and told her you will take care of me, love me, and give me happiness.
At night, Dobby called to tell me that mum already knew about your betrayal. But our family told her in advance not to scold you, because we were working hard to salvage our relationship. To prevent putting more strain on our relationship. Mum actually called my sisters daily to ask about me. She wanted to come to Singapore to see me, but my sisters stopped her and stressed she must feign ignorance and leave me to focus on saving my marriage. I was so sad to hear this. For all my effort, everyone in my family has been thoroughly hurt, especially my aged mother. I felt so guilty.

23.05.2012 > we celebrated your mum's birthday at home.

27.05.2012 > We were in the study room talking to your dad. He said he already sees me as his daughter in law. If his son does wrong, he will not side him, because your grandfather was this way too. He hopes we can work hard to continue our relationship. I was extremely touched that your father has so explicitly confirmed my standing in the Yang family. But you? My friend taught me... if you want to know if your husband has been cheating, count your condoms. Although it sounds very Aunty, I still did it. When I last counted, there was a new, un-opened pack of 12. Now there are only 2 left.

04.06.2012 > First thing in the morning, an overseas friend called to ask why our wedding invite FB Page had suddenly been removed by you. Didn't we say to postpone the wedding? Aren't we still trying to salvage our rs? Why didn't you notify parents on both sides and get agreement from me, the bride? Why did you arbitrarily remove the invite page, which contained many of my friends? You totally disregarded my friends. Could this be your birthday present to ZR?

05.06.2012 > Your dad initially wanted to find ZR to discuss. But the more he thought about it the angrier he got. She is not fit to speak to your parents. He said let Dobby and Shaun represent him to talk to ZR. When I asked if I can go speak to her in the capacity of your fiancee, they all agreed that I had the right. They just reminded me not to lay a finger on anyone for fear of a lawsuit. At 11+ I was sent home. They didn't know that I already swallowed over ten sleeping pills and some red wine. Once again I frightened my family.
Shaun and Dobby knew I was really upset that you are celebrating ZR's birthday with her. They angrily decided to go to ZR's house and tell her parents about their daughter wrecking our marriage. Of course, they only said a few words to ZR's mother at the condo's Intercom before leaving. ZR's parents said they would get to the bottom of this.

06.06.2012 - ZR's birthday > At first, you told me you went to a friend's place last night and got drunk, so you didnt go home. Later, I guess because you heard about Shaun and Dobby's visit to ZR's house, you lost your temper. Kept sending me SMSes that insulted me and my family. I read every word and my heart broke. Why am I the one being abused, when you are at fault? Your last sentence: "I don't owe you any explanation, we are through! Bye!" (Getting rid of me with a simple 'Bye'?) You removed your Engaged status on FB. I guess because it's ZR's birthday.

07.06.2012 > In the morning, Shaun contacted ZR's boyfriend VS so him and I could speak. He kept apologising for not informing me earlier about your cheating. He had never bought that watch for ZR. When he discovered that ZR had "once again" cheated on him in their 3 years' of being together, and this time with a man about to be married, he broke up with her. Maybe because both of us were the victims, we only spoke a little before I started crying and couldn't continue the conversation.

ZR's mum and Shaun's conversation on the phone.

ZR's mum: (very worked up) Don't malign my daughter, our family is very strict. I already asked her. They met through Densin and Jing. They are friends now. Alvin told my daughter, his relationship with fiancee Yuki starting having problems last Dec. Alvin and I spoke over the phone, he said he would set this straight and asked me not to worry.
Shaun: Alvin and Yuki were supposed to marry on 16.06.2012, did you know?
ZR's mum: Hmm.. I did not know that. This is the first time I'm hearing it.
Shaun: Have you met Alvin?
ZR's mum: Hmm.. erh... no.
Shaun: Now that you know Alvin's treatment of Yuki, can you still accept him?
ZR's mum: Of course not, hmm... but hard to say in half a year, who can predict the future?
Shaun: Is VS still together with ZR?
ZR's mum: hmm... I don't know. But I am disappointed with V, why would he talk with people like you all?

13.06.2012 > Under the encouragement of friends and family, I decided to discuss this with ZR. We met at a cafe. She brought along a colleague. Only then I realised her colleague, Melvin, is an old friend of my sister Dobby. He told us directly: I am also a man, if I had an affair and resulted in this kind of situation, I should be present to resolve the problem. The man who should be present today, is not me. (I agree with what Melvin said).

Our conversation with ZR:

Dobby: Why didn't Alvin come?

ZR: I asked him to come, but he said it would make things worse. Asked me to talk to you all. (What a coward)

Dobby: Why do you want to ruin other's rs?

ZR: I didn't.

Dobby: (pointing at ZR) don't you look. (She shows Melvin the love letter. Upon reading, Melvin shakes his head)

Dobby shows ZR our pre-wedding photos. ZR lowers her head, not daring to look.

Dobby: I was looking forward to Alvin defending you, like how he used to protect my sister. Pity he did not.

Yuki: Why are you pestering my fiance?

ZR: I've said so many times, we ar ejust friends. What's more, after your family showed up at my house, we have never met since then. Yuki can you be more secure of yourself?

Yuki: If you're just friends, why buy couple watches?

ZR: (eyes darting around) Uh, this is not a couple's watch. Me, Alvin, and Jing bought it together.

Yuki: Then why lie to Alvin's dad that this is a gift from your bf, VS?

ZR: Oh... Alvin told me to lie.

Yuki: You're sure the 3 of you bought these watches together? You still want to lie? Do you know I have proof of the truth?

ZR: (worried... no reply)

Yuki: Why do you frequently take my fiance's car?

ZR: He's just sending me to the studio for photoshoot. (and who are you?)

Yuki: You knew he was engaged, why continue dating him?

ZR: He is the one always looking me up. (you can't "auto"?)

Yuki: Why so cunning to leave stuff in his car for me to find?

ZR: Oh... many of our friends take his car. The stuff is not just mine.

Yuki: You think I just found out about you? From the first day didn't you already want me to discover you? Didn't you know I 'FOLLOW' you on social media?

ZR: (silent)

Yuki: Little girl, you better learn to protect yourself. I thought Alvin would be here protecting you, but this proves he has no guts. Whatever I ask, you'd better answer truthfully. I am not here to play games.

ZR: (silent, looking around or rolling her eyes)

Yukie: I could have confronted you long ago, but chose not to, because I hoped Alvin could reflect, come to his senses, and make his own choice. (Is this not fair enough?) We are all adults, so I wish to settle this civilly. But why do you insist on clinging to him?

ZR: We are just friends, sometimes meeting up for meals.

Yuki: Still acting? Since you're so good at it why be a blogger, go be an actor, you'll definitely be popular. Do you want to come clean or shall I disclose everything on the web, and let you explain to the netizens?

ZR: (starting to look worried)

Yuki: Did you know our wedding was postponed?

ZR: I know, Alvin told me. (You sure are close, I think many of his friends don't even know this)

Yuki: I understand that he made a mistake. But why, when he agreed to work on our relationship, do you still hang on? Why won't you let him go?

ZR: I didn't, and I didn't know you were trying to patch. (what bs, you knew we postponed our wedding, but didn't know we were trying to patch?)

Dobby: Alvin loved my sister at first sight. The places he brought you on dates, he brought my sister and family before. So we know where you went.

ZR immediately self-pwn: I bought those bedsheets myself, I work so I can afford it, Ok? (who said anything about your bedsheets?)

Dobby: By the way, in case you didn't know, don't hug that Ginger Bread Man and take so many photos to show your love to Alvin. It's disgusting. Can you put those toys away? (honestly, I agreed, and even laughed upon hearing this)

ZR: (clearly embarrassed)

Yuki: Did you make the first move to seduce Alvin?

ZR: Do you need to put it this way? You should ask Alvin.

Yuki: I ask again, did you make the first move?

ZRL Do we need to explain this?

Yuki: Of course you do, this is something I ask on behalf of Alvin's parents as well. Because in our hearts, Alvin is not this kind of person. He has always been good, but after knowing you, he changed overnight. His parents can't accept it, neither can I! All this is caused after you entered his life! I can forgive your first transgression, but I don't understand, you knew I committed suicide and was trying hard to salvage my marriage, why do you still insist on snatching him?

ZR: I didn't know you committed suicide!

Yuki: You dare say you didn't know!!! Do you have a conscience? You still can sleep soundly at his side?

ZR: silent. (I am in tears)

Yuki: As his fiancee, (I show her my ring), I can slap you right now and no one will stop me. Because you deserve it! And if I want to beat you up, I will MAKE SURE you can't get up afterwards. I'm not doing this because we are all women. We don't hit each other, we don't hurt each other. Do you understand? Don't you feel you owe me an apology?

ZR: Sorry lor (without sincerity)

Yuki: Today, you met me. If you go on like this, one day you will meet a woman crazier and more vicious than me. If you want to be a 3rd party, you had best be prepared to be yelled at or beaten up on the streets at any time.

ZR: (pissed off) I believe if your relationship is sturdy enough, no one can come between you.

Dobby: I think you still don't understand what my sister is trying to teach you.

Yuki: Ok, just you wait and see. I will keep this evidence. Today you told me there is nothing between you. I shall wait for the day you officially get together, and I will help to publicize your disgrace. (you can't hide then)

ZR: Is there a need for that? I already said sorry, OK?

Yuki: silent

ZR: Ok, what's needed to be said, has been said. Anything else? If not, I will leave now.

When ZR started to leave, my sisters asked why I went easy on her. I could only say, she already admitted to it indirectly. What more can I do? If I hit her, my character and actions will be just as low as her. If I hit her, she can twist the knife and play the victim in front of Alvin. What for?

Dobby, Shaun and I started towards the carpark. My mind was a blank, and I started to sob uncontrollably at the carpark. I asked myself, even ZR has admitted it. Is it time for me to accept reality, that you've betrayed me?

Dissatisfied, my sister JN caught up to ZR to question her further. Worried that JN would do something wrong, my pregnant sister ran after her. JN reprimanded ZR for being a 3rd party of all things, ruining people's marriage.

I believe that provoked ZR. When she spun around, the cup of coffee in my pregnant sister's hands slipped and spilled on ZR. Incensed, ZR slapped my sister JN. The sudden slap stunned JN. ZR was about to give her another slap when Melvin held her back, and passers-by held my sister. Otherwise they would have come to blows.

I rushed to the scene when I got the call. Only then did I know, the one who was slapped was my sister and not the 3rd party. Exhausted as I was, I saw with my own eyes my sister's red and swollen face, humiliated in public by this 3rd party. My heart ached and I reached up to touch her face. We were all upset and held each other, crying. Later my sister went to see a doctor, and we filed a police report.

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