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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Alvin Yang , Yuki Ng and Zoe Raymond Part 1

You may have already heard of the facebook page (personal blog) of Yuki Ng that is spreading like wildfire in facebook right now. Why is it like wildfire? It's achieving hundreds of likes every hour and just yesterday late last night when I was reading the whole story it was only 3000+ likes but in the morning when I checked it has already reached 4000+ likes.

After reading it, I had the urge to translate what Yuki wrote in Chinese for the convenience of her many readers but I decided not to. Instead, I am going to write a summary with important points so that more people will be encouraged to read it instead of just browsing and missing the whole point of the story.

First, let's introduce the key characters :

  • The Husband To Be - Alvin Yang
  • The Wife To Be - Yuki Ng
  • The Alleged Third Party - Zoe Raymond
  • Zoe's Boyfriend but Now Ex-Boyfriend - Vincent Siow
  • Alvin's Friend - Denson
  • Zoe's Friend - Jing
  • Yuki's Sister - Dobby
  • Dobby's BF - Shaun
  • Zoe's Mother
  • Alvin's Father
  • Alvin's Mother
  • Zoe's Colleague - Melvin

Alvin proposed to Yuki on 7th May 2011 in the presence of their close friends

In September 2011, Alvin and Yuki's parents decided on the wedding date of 16 June 2012

In Jan 2012, Alvin asked Yuki if he's willing to move to Hong Kong with him if he has a career opportunity there, Yuki replied that she's willing.

1st Feb 2012, Alvin told Yuki that he has already packed his room during Chinese New Year to make space for her to move in and they also went to Johor to take their Indoor Bridal Studio Pictures

10th Feb 2012, Alvin and his family went to Yuki's hometown in Pontian to ask for her hand according to Chinese Traditions.

17 - 19th Feb 2012, they went to a Pre-Wedding Church Camp together

27th Feb 2012 onwards, Yuki started noticing that Alvin's temper is becoming shorter and he has lesser patience for her. He has also become more unwilling to discuss things together with her.

11th March 2012, this is when Alvin met Zoe at mutual friends Denson and Jing's Wedding.

1st April 2012, instead of admiring his beautiful bride in various gowns that she tried on for him and happily choosing their wedding photos together, Alvin was busy sms-ing and whatsapping on his phone. When they danced salsa together for the wedding photos, Alvin scolded her harshly for not remembering the steps when he is the one who kept claiming that he had no time to rehearse with her because he is busy.

2nd April 2012, Yuki discovered the new watch that he bought and it was the leather strapped type that usually Alvin didn't like. Later on, Yuki discovered that it was a pair of branded couple watch that Alvin and Zoe bought together.

10th April 2012, on the pretext of using his boss's advice, Alvin asked Yuki if they should reconsider their marriage as his boss has highlighted to him that their love might no longer be as strong as in the past.

12th April 2012, Alvin called Yuki to make plans for Dinner and she went to his house early to give him a surprise with roses and chocolates. While she was waiting for him, she continued to do her work only to discover a love letter from Zoe to Alvin in his email.

After dinner, they went for a walk by the beach and she brought up what they learnt during the pre-wedding church camp on compromise and forgiveness, she asked Alvin to forgive her for her bad temper and hoped that they can continue to work hard together for their future.

Alvin remained quiet all this while before he suddenly said that he wants to cancel their marriage and break up with Yuki at the same time. Yuki begged him to re-consider and as she was so overwhelmed by what he said, she totally forgot about the love letter that she just read earlier. Alvin's excuse was that he wanted to concentrate on his career and his
priority is no longer to get married or be in a relationship.

Yuki finally broke down, running towards the sea; she leaped only to fall on a bed of rocks. Alvin angrily scolded her for using death to threaten him and Yuki pleaded for him to think about the impact of what he had just said on her but only for him to twist around to say that by doing this, she is not thinking for him.

Faced with a broken heart and utter disappointment, Yuki didn't think twice before she swam out into the open sea. Alvin did not chased her until she was already very far away from him and then he suddenly shouted to her that he was afraid as he could no longer feel the bottom of the sea. Worried for him, Yuki swam back to find him and in a state of panic, Yuki was nearly choked by him but eventually, they both managed to make it back to the shore.

Upon reaching the shore, Alvin said he needed 1 week to consider. Yuki said she would give him 2 weeks and only a while later did she realized that Alvin had already contacted her family to come to the beach where they were. Yuki immediately promised to keep whatever happened a secret. She was hurt badly and shivering wet but Alvin did not take care of her and neither did he dare to look her in the eye

 Close to dawn, Alvin wrote a sms to Yuki telling her that he was suddenly scared to lose her; he said he failed her and he needed time to reflect. He also thanked her for the flowers and the chocolates that she had prepared earlier.

- End of Part 1 -

This is the original Chinese and English Version. As mentioned above, I only did a summary of important points so if you wish to know the full story, you may read Yuki's version below.


05.07. 2011>
你选择了新加坡大选投票日这个特别的日子在圣淘沙在我家人和我们的好友的见证下给了我一个精心安排的求婚惊喜。当时我在FB留言说:沙滩;天空;汽球;美食; 美酒;鲜花...惊喜连连和满满的祝福!!!他的求婚记 ~ 终身难忘 ~ 甜的回忆 :)

20.08. 2011>
我的生日,我们因为想追看港剧,只是简单的在家里庆祝但我已很开心。隔天我们去Kota Tinggi瀑布一游,再到Desaru过个我没体验过的经验,就是做着船沿着黑夜的森林里看满天的萤火虫,好美好美!当时我的FB是这么说的:我的最后一个"单身"生日。







我的好友Alston 提议和他们夫妇一起去渡蜜月旅行。我只是和你分享,你没问我的想法就直接拒绝,没有像以前一样凡事都尊重我与我商量。我觉得蛮伤心的,因为你的脾气却来越坏,越来越没有耐心。但我想可能是你的工作压力所影响吧。


〉我们在家闲聊,我提起了最近你的工作忙碌我们需要好好商量时间的安排已免撞期。你说什么安排都没关系,但只强调07.04.2012你没空因为 你的好兄弟Denson的生日要到了。你的好兄弟的岳母需要你帮忙准备和搞惊喜给你的好兄弟Denson。为什么反倒是好兄弟的岳母明知道你在忙着自己的婚礼还要麻烦你。你答不出。然后我问你是否带我出席,你静着不回答。我马上跑回房间哭了,女人的第六感告诉我你有事瞒着我。我感觉到不安但没追问你。



〉我和我的伴娘之一的Fanna聊起最近你怪怪的,时常对我发脾气不知道是否是筹备婚礼压力的关系。Fanna却说你一向对我很温柔和有耐心。态度突然转变可能有原因。要我留意是否有第三者。 痴情的我还笑说不可能还说我会自我检讨是否让你在婚礼细节上太忙了。


〉约了Dobby & Shaun一起在你公司附近吃午饭。你突然发脾气很凶的在他们面前骂我,我忍着但还是留下了眼泪。你走后,他们说可能是你工作压力大要我体谅你。














Episode 1- The episode where I end my life.

After 2 years of courtship and pakto, I was lucky to have you as my boyfriend. We have no problem blending into each other life. Have a very good relationship with your family, the day has come. The most important of my life. You have chosen this important day to propose to me. I remember this date very well as it is the Singapore election d

ate. You have invited my family, close friends to witness the wedding proposal. What a surprise and this day is the day I will not forget such a sweet memories.

I promise myself this year is going to be the my last day as a single lady. We went to Desaru for a romantic night looking at the firefly around us. Thank you Alvin for arranging such night.

First time introducing our parent to each other official. The parents agreed our wedding date on the 16.06.2012.

Road trip to Melaka. Made a Kebaya for our wedding because your comes from mother peranakan family. Looking forward for my long awaited wedding.

I really enjoy the process of preparing our wedding although there are some arguments along the way. But i believe we can always learn to compromise and compliment each others. You told me previously that you will be very busy after you transferred into a new department. You asked me whether can you transfer to Hongkong after marriage, as a wife I will fully support you career advancement.

Chinese new year season. You cleaned your room so that I can move in my things to your house anytime. I am so excited as the day I become Mrs Yang is coming very soon

You brought your parents family to my hometown Pontian to officially propose to my mother.

Attended the church pre-wedding camp for three days. Looking forward for this camp as the day we started our relationship is on Christmas. I always think you are the gift from God. We further confirmed our decision to get married after attended this camp and will cherish our love more each day

My friend Alston proposed for a join honeymoon together. Happily I shared his idea to you. but without asking my opinion you rejected harshly unlike other time where we always discuss. I realize you are losing your patience and losing your temper on me easily these days. Perhaps due to your work stress?

This is the day the girl officially appeared in our relationship between Yuki and Alvin. You are the best man of your good friend Denson’s wedding. ZR is the brides maid

We are arranging for our wedding schedule as the wedding is less than 3 months away. You told me any arrangement is fine except 07.04.2012 as you are busy. Why busy? You gave me a lame reason saying that your good friend Denson’s mother in law ask you to organize a surprise birthday party for Denson. Of all people, Denson’s mother in law ask you…. hmmph…..
I asked why Denson mother in law ask you to organize such party while you should be busy about your wedding. You kept quiet.
I asked can I go to the party. You kept quiet.
I knew something wrong, went up and cried. I knew you are hiding something. From this day onwards you have been giving lies to me such as telling me you are working late, busy etc.

I am trying different wedding gown in the bridal house for our pre-wedding photo shoot. During the pre-wedding photoshoot I can see you playing with SMS/Whatsapp all the time which is unlike the normal you
We have a Salsa dancing shot in the pre wedding video. However you scolded me very harshly because I could not remember the steps. Felt extremely down because I only learnt less than 2 months and lack of practice. We are lack of practice because you are too busy to practice with me and you knew it.
I have learnt compromise each other and said ”Dear, on our wedding day, if I dance badly, can you please don’t scold me so harshly?”

My friend asked me to share how we met and our wedding preparation process. I told them with joy but broke down into tears in the toilet. My instinct told me that there is something not right. You said your boss told you to think twice before getting married as we may have changed. To my surprise after your boss told you this you asked me to reconsider whether should we get married

My sister and future brother in law Dobby and Shaun and myself are having lunch with you near your office. You broke your temper to me suddenly. Broking down to tears, Dobby and Shaun comfort me that perhaps you are too stressed up with work

12.04.2012 – this is the day
After so many days of quarrel you called me to date me for dinner. Bought flower and chocolate to your room for a little surprise. As I need to do some work, I on your computer and found a love letter from ZR to you.

<<Love letter from ZR>>
From: ZR
Sent: 05 April 2012 23:23
To: Yang, Alvin: Operations (SGP)
Subject: Baby love
Hi Baby,
Thank you for the wonderful day. Just 14 hours ago, you were at my place. picking me for a start of a wonderful day.
Ive been to so many theme parks. With so many people. I've never bought a thing cause I never felt it was worth it.
But today I wanted something so badly that I walked into practically every shop which I usually wont either, in search for something anything that I could bring home and be reminded of you.
I wanted the drawing of us badly. Very badly that I turned back and look at the spot even after we walked away.
I never held a hand so tightly before, wishing and hoping that I never had to let go. Never had I been so emotional, I scared myself.
I guess you are different.
14 Mar 2012

I was stunned looking at the love letter. Not knowing what to do and is only 1 hour away from our date, I forget about this love letter and proceed to enjoy the dinner with you.

After the dinner I proposed to have a walk by the beach. I learnt in the pre wedding camp that we should always forgive each other and cherish our love together. I apologize to you as I may have lose some temper on you. you kept quiet.

Suddenly you broke the silence by saying that you want to break up and cancel our wedding which is 2 months from now.
I cried and beg you not to make such decision. I even forgot all about the love letter in your computer.

You rejected me harshly and firmly. You told me that love and marriage is not your main priority. You want to focus on career. You forgotten how you have proposed to me.

I could not stand anymore and mentally collapse. I lost control and jumped into the sea without any hesitate. After jumping I realize that there is no water where I jumped and injured myself by rocks by the sea.

You did not comfort me but scolded me harshly AGAIN that I threaten you by committing suicide. Can you imagine how I felt that time? I lose all hope in life.

I cried and beg you to understand my feeling. You said this and I could never forget this.

“I knew my parents will be very sad and very disappointed with my decision. I still insist on this, it is impossible for me to consider about your feeling”

You have completely ignore me….
Alvin Yang, you are too selfish and cruel. I am completely collapse and disappointed. Words could not express my feeling that time. I do not know how to face you, face the world. The only thing that comes to my mind is death…..

I swam to the sea and do not intend to come back anymore. You did not come chase me back.
You thought I threaten you again.

After sometime you finally swam and wants to catch me back. However our distance is very far away. You cried and beg me to come back by I really lose hope in life at that particular moment. You shouted that it is so deep and you could not feel the base of the sea, I soft hearted and concern about your safety I swam back.

I was so calm that time. You were very panicked. You even hit me hard at my neck as I am trying to pull you back to the shore. So hard that I almost got choked by you.

We are back at the shore and we agree to have 2 weeks to think clearly on our decision. Not long later my family came by.
I promise you that I will not tell them what happened until you gave me answer. I was badly injured physically and mentally. you do not even dare to look at me when my family come to pick me up.

You has forgotten about your promise and vow when you proposed to me. You said I am the one you love, your fiancé.

To be continued

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