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Monday, April 2, 2018

1st Day of April

Hello & Goodbye.

Thursday, December 28, 2017


Reflecting on toxicity.

You grow up thinking you will be nice, kind and good to the world.
Little do you know that the influence of toxicity is everywhere.
You end up becoming toxic yourself.
You learn to accept that one man's meat might be another man's poison.
You learn to think that karma is common and it should happen. 
Finally, you distrust everyone and mostly yourself.

No one can change the past but you can do better.

Yes, you may have sucked in the past.
You may have done numerous wrongs to others and likewise by others.
It's time to let go.

People who you think fondly of.
People who you have hurt.
People who you have hated.
People who have done the same to you.
It's all time to let go.

Holding on to toxic will never make you happy.

Be you, be real, it's never too late to be the nice person you wanted to be.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sometimes, you just wonder...what is it all for?

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Giving up

It's really not easy but sometimes you just have to do it to preserve your sanity.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Penning down my thoughts

My career path hasn't been extremely smooth but I feel like the past year is driving me nuts. There were so many things that feels like a dream. I should probably blog it down before I forget to be honest. However, I always remember such things better at night....(when it's all quiet and there's no one around).

Anyway, I am thankful for each and every lesson that all my bosses and interviewers have taught me. They have also asked me some thought provoking questions and here's one that I really want to answer.

Accepting a job and leaving a job are risks that any company or employee have to take. I would be more worried if you are not willing to take the risk to trust and be a good mentor to your employees rather than the fact that your employee may not stay.

In all fairness, please do remember, your employee is also investing time and taking a chance on you in being the right job for them. Plus, they are also giving up other potential opportunities to take up your job.

Most people do not like to find jobs, you know? If it's not for circumstances that can't be said with brutal honesty, I am sure most people would be happy to stay in a job for a while. 

It's not about getting bored and even if you lose an employee, whatever they have contribute in that period may be more than what you will get from someone who stays with you for a long time.

Quality vs Quantity / Big vision vs Small vision

No matter what, every employee has a due duty to contribute and if they are able to impact and make a change, no matter how slight, you would have received a return for your investment. This is not rocket science. 

Meanwhile, here's a dose of brutal honesty on why I left some of my past jobs:

  • Exploited. Company was shady with bad management. (1 year)
  • Extreme Office Politics. My original boss created politics within her department and when I moved on to another department, I didn't want to continue to playing the politic games especially with a not-that-strong (second) boss and I had to fend for myself mostly. (2 years)
  • Increasingly stagnant, I had no more room to grow after 3 years.  
  • I was advised that I should find a better company that appreciates me from my new boss who was hired by the owner that I have been working for a while (this new boss was supposed to be new mentor and I was supposed to learn from her but let's just say that - she wasn't a good example) and the owner was fawning over this new boss that came in. I felt bitter, I admit and doubtful. I didn't want to work under such a toxic boss so I left. (1 year 1 month)
  • Incorrect mentoring and influence, improper decision making process and no strategy. No teamwork and everyone for themselves - of course it's not just this company that has the everyone for themselves mentality but this company can be an example of how things shouldn't be (1 year)
  • Boss with no mind of his own and too quick to judge/threaten. Gave employees a feeling like he only wanted a stepping stone/scapegoat and would kick them aside as and when its convenient. (3 months) 
  • Aggressive company but also felt shady. Very sales orientated. Forget about strategy...they were not bad people but not good mentors either. (3 months) 
  • Top management couldn't make up their mind on what they want/need. They are looking for people who can read their minds and say the right things for them to hear. Basically, a waste of time and this company was a joke. (1 month) 
As you can see from 5) to 8) - I decided I wasn't going to waste time with such jobs once I had a glimpse of the clearer picture after joining them. 

4) was a complete heartbreak as I was prepared to stay a long time with them until the toxic person joined and it was also a turning point for me as I didn't want to be blindly loyal anymore. 

It's a nightmare explaining the above to any interviewer without badmouthing any company. Did I make any mistakes? Of course I did. I could have swallowed my pride in some instances, I could have made certain decisions differently by taking up other job offers. 

To complete my sharing on job nightmares, here are also 2 instances that I am still in awe about with regards to job offers :

1) I had prior travel commitments which I highlighted in the interview. Was eventually offered the job but was asked to start earlier and when I highlighted I had prior travel commitments, asked me to re-consider if I can start earlier again. I replied in the negative and did not receive any more replies from them. 

What was memorable is that I actually called the owner and left a message to his staff but was accused for not calling back when I contacted him again upon receiving no reply. Warning bells rang and I wasn't too keen to continue with the job offer, hence I let it naturally lapse with no further reply from them. 

2) Was offered a job that I really wanted but at a much lower pay with an increase after probation and with commission as well. Replied back on the second day and told them I was keen but needed to clarify more on the expectations. Kept them constantly updated and also asked them when they needed me to start work which was soon. 

Pushed forward my plans to resign and also pre-informed the owner that I will be tendering so I can join them soon which is what they wanted but received a message from her staff on the very next day to say that they have hired someone else! In the end it was an internal communication breakdown which was through no fault of mine....I mean how would I know that Ops, HR and the Owner herself do not communicate?!

Seriously....this was the first time I resigned without signing a letter of offer as I was directly in communication with the owner of the company and she was all positive about me joining them but will also be my last time. -_- 

In the end, this is just a ranting post and for the previous interviewers who have selected me but I didn't take up the offer, I just want to say a heartfelt thank you. You saw the value in me and I am truly appreciative of it. 

TL:DR - It's a 2-way street, if you are a good company with good mentors, people are less likely to want to look for another job. Don't just focus on why people leave their past jobs, look at their experience and consider what they can contribute to your company and how you can groom them. 

Disclaimer: This is a personal opinion post. 

Monday, June 27, 2016