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Thursday, December 28, 2017


Reflecting on toxicity.

You grow up thinking you will be nice, kind and good to the world.
Little do you know that the influence of toxicity is everywhere.
You end up becoming toxic yourself.
You learn to accept that one man's meat might be another man's poison.
You learn to think that karma is common and it should happen. 
Finally, you distrust everyone and mostly yourself.

No one can change the past but you can do better.

Yes, you may have sucked in the past.
You may have done numerous wrongs to others and likewise by others.
It's time to let go.

People who you think fondly of.
People who you have hurt.
People who you have hated.
People who have done the same to you.
It's all time to let go.

Holding on to toxic will never make you happy.

Be you, be real, it's never too late to be the nice person you wanted to be.


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