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Monday, October 15, 2012


Wasn't sure if I should write anything about it but yeah -> NSFW.

Read more about it here:

Long Story short, a Malaysian Couple named Alvin and Vivian (Alvin is the Law Student in his Final Year from Singapore NUS) started a blog together with pictures and videos of their personal and private sex lives.

Meanwhile, they are advertising their blog across many online forums.

First spotted this on EDMW Singapore Facebook last night and yup, this is just another factual post about controversial matters on the Internet.

As seen on Wanbao:

You can read the full newspaper article here: 

More info:

"On facing possible consequences, Tan, who is in his last year as a law student, said that NUS has not contacted him yet.

"So far so good. I wouldn’t say I’m not worried but I’m prepared for it – to be expelled, for my scholarship to be taken away," he asserted, adding that he is prepared for either or both as he has been on leave from NUS for a year and a half. "I started my own firm and it’s doing pretty well, so that’s actually my career plan anyway," he said.

He still want to come back to Singapore to finish his studies if he can."I have some time right now so I want to do that but I’m not sure if I’ll be allowed to do that anymore. I would definitely go back to Singapore if I’m allowed to," he said"

....This paragraph is annoying.

Update: Blog has already been taken down but the photos and videos are over the internet. Secondly, now I guess everyone is looking at how NUS will react to his choice of living.

"Alvin Tan Jye Yee is the co-founder and CEO of Fezzl Pte Ltd, which offers Zuupy Cr

Current Latest Update on Alvivi.Tumblr (They have changed to a newsletter format) :
We have decided to take down our blog. Write to us at; we love your fan mail. If you still want to hear from us, i.e. updates of our lives, please subscribe to our newsletter.

UPDATE (17 October 2012 9am) The law scholar behind a blog of erotic pictures has been called up to the National University of Singapore (NUS) to face potential disciplinary action.

According to an NUS spokesperson, the student concerned has been served a notice of Board of Discipline (DOB) inquiry.

The board will look into the matter and take appropriate disciplinary action against the scholar, who has also been advised to take down the offensive posts.

National University of Singapore law scholar Alvin Tan Jye Yee told Yahoo! Singapore on Tuesday afternoon that he has taken down his joint sex blog with his girlfriend "because there's been too much trouble for this and we want to stay out of trouble".

NUS’ spokesperson added that the student is on leave of absence and is not receiving scholarship funds.

“NUS adopts a rigorous process in the selection of scholarship recipients and scholars are selected based on their academic achievements and personal accomplishments.”


Video from Alvin and Vivian on Youtube.

Vivian speaks up :

“It’s not because we wanted to take down the blog but both our families were pressing us to do so. We were cool with the situation but my family was embarrassed and unhappy about it,” Lee said.

“My parents told me that I should have kept my personal life private and I didn’t need to show it to the world. I just thought: It’s my own life, why can’t you be more open about it?” recounted Lee, who had been seen on the blog in various states of undress.

Lee and Tan have been dating for six months.

"We had sex on our first meeting because we hit it off so well," Lee explained.

Interview on Singaporeans' reaction and with Alvin Tan, himself on Razor TV :

Friends with benefits ?


In an interview with the Malaysian media, Alvin Tan said nonchalantly that he doesn’t really care a hoot about what NUS think as his tuition fees and living expenses in Singapore are all ENTIRELY paid for by Singapore taxpayers:

“My scholarship saved me $50,000 in tuition fees and $6,000 in living expenses yearly. I do not have to pay a single cent in Singapore,” he proclaimed.

When asked if he is worried he may get expelled from NUS for his ‘exploits’, Alvin Tan said:
“I don’t really care if NUS take action against me. I am prepared to be expelled. Anyway, I have set up my own company here (in Malaysia) and is financially secure.”

When told that he will need to pay back his tuition fees if he is expelled, Alvin Tan retorted in a callous manner:
“I will NOT pay a SINGLE CENT to NUS if I am expelled and what can they do to me?” he regrets dragging NUS into the scandal.

Parody Video:

Malaysia's Decision :

PETALING JAYA - Malaysia will leave it to Singapore to handle the "erotic porn blog" situation for now, said Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.
The Information, Communications and Culture Minister said, however, that the ministry was actively monitoring the situation.

He was referring to Malaysian couple Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee who had set up a blog called Sumptuous Erotica that featured their sex lives.

The blog, which had postings of raunchy and graphic iages, quickly became a media sensation in Singapore and Malaysia.

"We have legal redress under Section 233 and 263 of the Communications and Multimedia Act. But we would rather not use that first until and unless we get the results of what the Singaporean authorities are pursuing first," Dr Rais told reporters after lauching the promotional campaign for U-Pustaka here Thursday. 

Latest update:

SINGAPORE - Erotic blogger Alvin Tan has apologised to the National University of Singapore (NUS) for “hurting” its image with his raunchy blog.

Tan, who attended a hearing with the NUS disciplinary board yesterday, will know within the next one week whether he will be expelled from the university for making his sex life public.
The final-year NUS law student, who is on an Asean scholarship, attended the hearing, which started at 2.30pm, alone.

Clad in a red polo top, jeans and the colourful beanie he wore in his sex blog, the 24-year-old appeared calm after the one-and-a-half hour closed-door hearing.
He told journalists who had been waiting at the university's lobby from 1pm that the atmosphere at the inquiry had been serious and the five disciplinary board members had been poker-faced.

“I have no idea what the outcome is going to be as they just noted down what I said. The hearing was more of a clarification session about things that I had allegedly said and claims about me,” he said.

“I feel there wasn't much space for me to present my case and I can only expect the worst case scenario and learn how to deal with it.”

Tan, who is on leave of absence from his studies for the past one-and-a-half years, said he had explained to the disciplinary board that he did not cause physical hurt to anybody.
When asked about his girlfriend and co-blogger Vivian Lee, he said they were still together and that she moved in with him two weeks ago.

However, Tan refused to divulge if he and Lee had recorded more videos of their bedroom exploits in recent times.

The National University of Singapore (NUS) said today it has decided on the disciplinary actions to be taken against law student Alvin Tan, who posted explicit videos and pictures of himself and his girlfriend online.

It is not known at this point what the disciplinary actions are as the NUS declined to give details.

"NUS has an established procedure to review cases of student misconduct. All matters relating to NUS disciplinary proceedings are confidential," a spokesperson said in a statement today.

The NUS Board of Discipline (BOD) "had concluded that Alvin's inappropriate conduct was detrimental to the reputation and dignity of the University," she said.

"After considering the seriousness of the offence, Alvin's account presented to the BOD, and all mitigating factors, the BOD had decided on the disciplinary actions to be taken. The 

 University had informed Alvin about the BOD's decision," said the spokesperson.
UPDATE: The National University of Singapore (NUS) has terminated the scholarship of sex blogger Alvin Tan.
While Tan was not expelled, he will have to pay full, unsubsidised international student fees if he wants to finish his final year of studies at the NUS Law School, reported The Straits Times.

Earlier on Monday, several Members of Parliament raised the issue of the ASEAN scholar's conduct and questioned if the Education Ministry would be asking the school to make public the punishment.

MP Pritam Singh cited the case of Chinese NUS scholar Sun Xu whose punishment was publicised, but Education Minister Heng Swee Keat said the two cases had different circumstances.

Mr Heng called Tan's conduct "reprehensible and unbecoming of a scholar". However, he did not reveal the details of the punishment.

NUS stands by decision of confidentiality

SINGAPORE - The National University of Singapore said on Friday that it does not condone the actions of sex blogger and law student Alvin Tan Jye Yee.
But it is still standing by its decision not to make public the disciplinary action it has taken against him, despite calls by some Singaporeans for the university to do so.

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