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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Menya Musashi @ Star Vista

 Ordered the set and the serving of the side dish was generous.

Soup was fragrant but the taste gets a bit cloying after a while. Cha Shu is okay. Egg can be better. Noodles was normal.

The lighter white version is not bad. Duck meat slices were okay.

Over hyped but it's an okay bowl of ramen especially for the cold weather lately.

Price came close to $40 SGD. The Hoba Tea (Hot and Cold) is a good way to wash down the cloying taste of the soup.

Service was lacklustre. Too many blind spots in the restaurant and it was hard to get the staff to notice for tea refills/orders.

Perhaps, their Raffles City branch would have been a better choice?

Christmas Deco @ Star Vista. Nothing much to shop but decent food choices :)

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