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Monday, December 3, 2012

Kenny's plight after being beaten up by Bouncers and a call for Boycott of St James Power Station on Facebook

I am sure most of you would have seen this news on facebook by now.

Just sharing the news...if you support their cause, here's the page:

Story by his friend, Ming Ze:

I am a friend of Kenny and did not see him for some time. Today I received a phone call from one of our common friend informing me that our friend Kenny have been hospitalized at SGH and is at a critical situation. Hearing this I rushed down to the hospital to see him. I was shocked to see his condition that he was hurt badly with severe head and neck injuries. After talking to our common friends and his parents, I found out that he was beaten up by more than 20 bouncers working at St. James Power Station Clubs.

I always thought that bouncers were hired at clubs to prevent any disturbances and violence however in this case to my surprise they not only participated in the fight but were the first one to start the fight as well. I do not know what kind of training or recruitment process does this establishment carry; it’s a real shame on such a place to label themselves as a “safe place for clubbers”. I also saw that there is a newspaper article on THE NEW PAPER about this incident published today.

I begin to wonder if we really are living in a safe society or it’s just a cliché with people in charge of Security, pick up the clubs themselves and spread violence. It is most definitely not the question about whether the organization has suffered any damage because they have their business running as usual, but my friend’s life have come to a standstill. When this can happen to my friend I believe it can happen to anyone else living in Singapore.

I would like to report this incident to caution my fellow Singaporean friends who enjoy their night life to always be cautious and safe.

Thank you,

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