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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

ADV: SAYS - Singapore Social News Network PLUS a CNY Giveaway !

Apart from Blogging, Phewtick and Google Adsense, there is now an even simpler way for you to earn money! Plus, it's actually fun to do!

Introducing SAYS - Singapore Social News Network. All you need to do is register, share and get rewarded for sharing the latest, must know news to your friends! It's good to be in the know and SAYS helps you to do just that.

For this Chinese New Year, SAYS is running a CNY Giveaway to grow their Singapore Community for Social Media Users like U and Me.

Join the SAYS CNY Giveway Contest and Grow SAYS Community:
To be in the running, you just have to register, login and start sharing Specials to earn lucky tickets!

What do you stand to win:
A $5,000 Ang Pao if you are REALLY LUCKY. Cash prizes varies just like the ones we get from our family and relatives. Only 1 winner will get the $5,000 so share more now for more lucky tickets!

How is it given away?
SAYS will give out 1 Ang Pao everyday for 30 days, So you stand a chance to be a winner every day for 30 days!

Now you know the basics, it's time to get to the JUICY part.

With $5,000, what would U do?

I know what I would dream to do but there's too many to list so here's my TOP 5 :

No.1 : I will use it to finance my trip to Japan in April with my family. This would probably take up the whole $5,000 on it's own! :P

No. 2: I will use it to purchase a laptop for my Dad who has just recently retired. *Looks at the hole in my pocket* There goes $3,000 dollars....but on the advice of an Eye Doctor don't buy cheap electronics because it's bad for the eyes!

 No.3: I will spend $3,000 to take my driving license.

No.4: R & R on a cruise with my parents because they deserve a good break! I will probably pick a 3 days to 4 days cruise that costs around $800 per person so that they can spend a little extra on the ship.

No.5: I will pamper my family with an overnight spa package at Tempat Senang! Average costs are around $450 SGD per pax for a 3D2N stay with Spa Services and Ferry but it will surely leave us all refresh and energised.

And that's my TOP 5 ! Besides the above, I will also use some of the money to treat my close friends and colleagues to a meal and save the rest up if there's actually any left! ;)

So what are U waiting for? Sign up @ to get your lucky tickets now !

The earlier you join, the more chances you have as the winners are selected everyday! PLUS, you will also have more days to get more lucky tickets!

To find out if you are one of the lucky winners, you can also follow them on facebook @ for the latest updates too! Winners are announced 'Live' through video streaming at 3pm every day for 30 days!

Here's wishing good luck to everyone ! Huat Ah!

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