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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Not writing about the infamous Heather Chua?

I have seen it but I didn't really follow it.

If you are keen, here are some places to look for information:


SINGAPORE: Police are investigating a 22-year-old man for allegedly making racially insensitive remarks on a social networking website.

In a statement on Friday, police said the man is believed to have assumed the fictitious online name of Heather Chua on the social networking website.

Police said they received several reports from members of the public on the offensive remarks posted by someone who claimed to be Heather Chua.

The first police report was lodged on January 3.

Police said through extensive investigations, they established the identity of the man who is believed to have assumed the fictitious profile of Heather Chua to make the remarks. - Please note that smrtsg is just a parody account and is not the real SMRT.

A quick summary of Heather's posts and identity?

Besides the fact that this person is inciting controversy.
This person's identity, attitude and claims are all under fire.

It's not the first time that Heather made headlines.

So....this is my version of a super quick summary for 2014's first facebook SAGA.

Small update unrelated to Heather Chua:

Besides the fact that Alvivi seems to be on the rocks and may have already broken up in 2014. 

And here's the reason why they broke up but Vivian still wants him back!

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