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Monday, February 17, 2014

This post is to mark my journey of trying out Trimton 2, 速效瘦! :)

Answered post on bloggers who will be keen to try out Trimton 2 and was very luckily selected.

Product was delivered on Saturday but for easier recording of progress, decided to start today!

I have not weighed or measured myself so this post is purely just informative for now.

Upon opening the box, a small bottle of 60 capsules was revealed. Very convenient to bring around but I am going to leave it in the office during weekdays so that I will not miss a single dosage for more accurate reviews.

The recommended dosage is to take 1 pill for breakfast and 1 pill for dinner with lots of warm water.  Instructions could definitely be more clear as I couldn't find details on whether I should take them before or after meals.

I have taken both dosages before eating any meals so I hope that is the correct way to take it!  (*After writing this, I realized I was being silly and went to google, online research has informed me that it doesn't matter if it's taken before or after meals :P)

Today's diet is a light meal during lunch and probably going for a more satisfying meal for dinner.

My eating habits are a little abnormal which is why I have been contemplating that I do need a lot of extra help in losing the excess flabs especially when cutting down on food is no longer an option.

Another reason why I was so excited about being selected is that Trimton 2 is a targeted program against FATS and that's what I really need rather than just an overall weight loss supplement/program.

Although, the product was sponsored but my reviews will be based on my own experience. Look out for more posts if you want to know how effective Trimton 2 is on me! 

You may find my other 2 updates at :

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