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Friday, February 14, 2014

Chinese New Year Office Dinner at Crystal Jade Terminal 2 !

Very very crunchy and unique Yu Sheng!

 Premium soup of Fish Stomach and Mixed Mushroom!

 Baby Abalone, vegetables, fa cai and mushroom! 

 Steamed Soon Hock! Fresh and QQ!

Roasted Duck ~ 

 Cereal prawns! Fresh but I feel it was a waste to have fried them ><

Super healthy fried rice.
 Chinese Tea ~ Pu Er

Red Bean with Sesame Dumpling. Not very used to the way the dumpling is made with thick skin. A normal dessert.

This is not their normal CNY Set as some items like Sharks Fin Soup and Suckling Pig was switched out.

:) Not a bad experience and friendly service.

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