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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Putting this post out here to see if there are any possibilities of working together? :)


Being a girl, is there anything that we do not love about fashion from clothes to accessories to bags?

I love details on anything that is fashion.


It's almost impossible not to love FOOD.

I do love my food but I will never knowingly take exotic meats.


My No.1 passion in life. I have backpacked on my own in 2009 and it was an awesome experience. I really love to travel and talking about it is definitely one of the highlights in my life.

I was invited to go on a Genting Blogging Trip but however, as it clashed with a work commitment, very sadly, I had to turn it down :(

This may be a little tricky to work out but I am definitely adventurous enough and if a time can be worked out, it's definitely something I love to do.

One experience that I would really love would be to go on a Cruise.


I think it pretty much defines my life. I love colors, styling, radical cuts and my hair has been pretty okay to survive my experiments throughout the years.

Generally, I only do chemical stuff like bleaching once a year. 

So if at any point, you are looking for someone to work your magic on, drop me an email ! :) 

Workshops & Events:

YES please. Did I mention I like to write and take photos? I am always looking for chances to cover events and workshops as long as time permits.

I am probably most fascinated by SPA treatments for both Face and Body. It's always such a treat to be able to indulge and spend some me time as a way of relaxing.

Dressing up and looking pretty is totally therapeutic by the way. 

Anything else:

I will probably add on to this list as and when I think of something but feel free to contact me if you think there is a chance for any collaboration.

No obligations attached. :)

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