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Monday, March 3, 2014

JB Makan Outing!

Went in on a weekday last week to satisfy my seafood craving !
Cockles with Sambal, lightly stirred fried! Can be spicier but the cockles were fresh!

Satay ~ I didn't eat this. Was too engrossed with the seafood.

Gong Gong. Fresh but some were quite small. Hard to take out. The chilli was good though.

Abalone noodles! There were abalone, scallops, prawn, balls, veggies inside the soup. Not very salty and pretty delish. Mine is the Mee Tai Mak ~ Lao shu fen version.

It's been a while since I went in JB with a group of friends for supper.

We also had Ice Jelly Lime drink (Ai Yu Bing) and a bunch of Lok Lok (mushrooms, bacon, quail eggs etc) but too far for me to take a picture and I was busy eating!

Am sure if you frequent JB often, you will know where to find this place. ;) Best part is I didn't get a stomachache so I can safely say that the food was pretty clean.

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