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Monday, December 29, 2014

Gushcloud , Xiaxue , Yan Kay Kay , NuffNang, Airasia , SMRT Feedback , #faithingushcloud , #faithinxiaxue I doing this right, Google?

About the Gushcloud expose, the damage has been done. It's what they do next which would probably make or break their reputation in this competitive industry.

I do believe that the GC Influencers have their right to be upset and bitchy about it. This is about their blogging efforts and how they earn money after all, I don't think there is anything wrong about with the leaked group chat as they are just ranting and venting their emotions about the whole affair. 

People who are being butt hurt just because the GC influencers are talking about the people who are being double-faced and/or are trying to bring the company that they are affiliated to down? Perfectly, human nature. And this is why Gurugossip is fun to read.

2 wrongs do not make a right. So while it's human nature, this doesn't mean that it's right. 

In fact, I think Gushcloud are being pretty real and actually, seem to be trying to get business even for small-time influencers which is kinda nice of them. It's really hard to be noticed and way much harder to earn money from blogging nowadays.

About Xiaxue, I think she's trying a little too hard. I must admit though, her post was a great way to maintain public interest and get into the news. It's just too bad that what was meant to be "airing Gushcloud's dirty laundry" sounded way too much like an advertisement for Nuffnang though.

And, singling out Kay Kay and Eric ? It brings to mind of what a jilted lover will do. We have all gone through that bitter and vindictive path before, nothing to get worked up about again really, except for the people involved.

In fact, I am pretty surprised that the whatsapp group was so tame. Imagine a group chat full of angry mob, I think it could have been much worse.

Nuffnang, great timing for the free exposure except that a way, bigger news has since taken over.

My condolences to Airasia and I am not at all going to be cynical about it as I have already booked my trip in July via Airasia....

Not sure if I will still be travelling with them though but I do offer my sincerest prayers and hope that the plane will be found soon.

SMRT (Feedback) - it's sad to see that the quality of trolling has gone down and will be fondly missed. However, it's better than permanently being behind bars.

What will their expose be about? Let's wait and see.

Disclaimer: I have spoken with both XX and KK before. No, we are not friends. It's because of work and they are both nice. My blog is affiliated to nuffnang as I was hoping to earn a bit from the ads on my blog ^^; Have not tried any other agencies before. :)

The above is just my few cents before the year ends.

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