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Saturday, January 3, 2015


It's a brand new year !

And I lost sleep ._.

And ended up reading up on some supposedly juicy scandal about :

Rachel (RW)
Daryl (D)
Chloe (C)
Alex (A - boy)
Choon Yan (CY)
Alissa (A - girl)
Celestina (Innocent , just one of CY's ex-girlfriend)

 TL:DR Summary:
  • Celestina and CY dated before
  • CY dated RW after that (they were together for 30 months or so)
  • RW dumped/broke off with CY while he was in NS to be with D (they were texting and talking a fair bit before either of them ended things with their other half/date)
  • D was dating A (girl) who is RW's good friend before D and RW got together
  • A (girl) and CY were both hurt by RW's actions and words
  • A post was written about girl code that garnered much hits about the RW /A (girl) / CY / D rectangle and RW has deleted her post on this topic. 
  • A (girl) is done with the drama and have aired her thoughts out on her blog in the earlier part of 2014
  • C broke off with A (boy) as they were supposedly in a superficial relationship that only seems blissful on the surface
  • CY moved on from RW to date C who hated/hates RW (CY and C just went public a few days ago)
  • CY and C are now together
  • RW is still with D
  • A (girl) has moved on
  • Celestina has moved on
  • A (boy) - no idea
The only conclusion I have? CY seems to like pretty/fashionable bloggers a lot.

Haha, don't ask me why but that was the only thing which actually stood out. =P

Oh well, live and let live, people. As long as they are happy... :)

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