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Monday, December 21, 2015

Get paid watching or displaying advertisements using your mobile or online! (The Singapore Version) Bonus: Shopping Savings tips!

Here are the few sources that I know about and what I have experienced with them:

1) Admingle

Pros: Easy sign-up, a new start-up, may gain more traction if it gets decent advertisers
Cons: You need to achieve $50 before you can cash out
Transparency ( Referral Code) : NIL
Remarks: Only 3 campaigns so far but pretty ok returns.

2) Nuffnang 

Pros: Easy sign-up, well-known with ready advertisers
Cons: Have to embed codes and payment is slow/cumbersome. Also, illogical reasons for reducing the earnings, not very transparent. Have fee charges for redemption.
Transparency (Referral Code) : NIL
Remarks: Payment status is stuck so I have sent a support ticket.

3) Sqkii

Pros: Easy to use
Cons: They have changed their calculation model but it's still reasonable. Seems harder to earn points nowadays and limited ads.
Transparency (Referral Code) : NIL
Remarks: Have successfully received payment before but it does takes weeks to process

4) Hikemeup

Pros: Easy to use and convenient as it's a mobile app
Cons: Limited ads, can get laggy
Transparency (Referral Code) : NIL
Remarks: New start-up, in the process of testing it out.

5) Shopback

Pros: Lots of merchant and additional savings, payment was prompt
Cons: Can get confusing and miss out on shopback if the internet is not stable or too many windows are opened
Transparency (Referral Code) :
Remarks: Pretty smooth transactions so far, will recommend! Do use my referral code for both of us to earn money! :)

6) Zalora
Think this website needs no explanation!
My referral code is ZBAPQGGU

Do drop me an email should you know of any other good and reliable ones out there! :)

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