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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tom Palette @ Shaw Tower

Standard dropped. It's now meh.

$10.60 for Waffle + 2 Scoops of Ice Cream

Granny Favorite is malty chocolate.
Lavender was so-so, melts too fast.
Waffle was NOT crispy...too soft, lukewarm and just not fantastic.

Overall...nah not going back.

To be fair, here's their reply and if you like waffles that taste more like pancakes, you would probably not mind it. 

Tom Palette's Reply:

Hi, Thank you for your feedback. There is a few thing i would like to clarify. What we serve is French waffle not american waffle, where it is more eggy without the use of sodas. Since we are making homemade ice cream, we do not add any stabilizer in our ice cream (Basically it is make of milk, cream, egg and sugar), thus ice cream generally melt faster than commercial ice cream. However, we will look into what you have mention and reconsider if we should change our direction in waffle and ice cream. Thanks and Regards Tom's (P.S. Ice cream tend to melt even faster beside the fresh made waffle)

My Reply:

The waffles were like really soft, mushy and just lukewarm. Ice cream melting fast is fine, it was just a remark to let people know what to expect but flavors were unfortunately not outstanding. Definitely not as good as I remembered from my first experience to your outlet. :) 

Food is always very subjective anyway so the above is just my personal opinion. 

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