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Monday, March 3, 2014

Chicken Wings!!!

I order a half & half. 3 pcs were Mango Habanero and  Buffalo (blazin)

Interior, casual with no pretense. Considering it's a place where you use your hands a lot, it's a good thing you don't really have to worry about impressions or being ladylike here :P

Great companion to chicken wings - beer in a chilled mug though it's a pity that they don't offer draft but only cans. 

 My friend had a sore throat so his order was of the non-spicy sauces.

His was a set while mine was À la carte
Had a good time catching up with my friend on the eve of Vday,

The wings were flavorful and decent. Wait was a bit long for 2 hungry people though. Also wish that the buffalo wings would have more kick. The person serving us informed us that their buffalo wings were made from fresh jalapeños (chilli pepper) which is pretty impressive. I have tried the Sunset Grill version and it isn't as fresh tasting (not sure if that's the best way to word it). Wouldn't say that it's great value due to the size of the wings but prices are considered affordable for a night out in Singapore.

East coast road may not be the most accessible place but do give them a try. :)

Visit their website for more information :

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