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Monday, March 31, 2014

Rocku Yakiniku

Ambience : Casual and young. However, seats were uncomfy and height couldn't be adjusted which has it's pros and cons while dining.

 Utensils for grilling and eating!

 Selection wasn't a lot compared to other BBQ/Charcoal grill places. For people who are looking for variety, you will be disappointed. Cuts of meat were also just so-so.

Can't go wrong with vegetables, mushrooms were decent, sweet and buttery after cooking in the aluminum pan provided. If you don't wish to overdose on burnt meat, a tip will be to grill the surface and leave it to cook in the aluminum pan after you are done with the mushrooms! :)

 Seafood selection, yes that is all. Only four choices - prawns, mussels, squid and salmon. Best way to cook the salmon will also be in the aluminum pan! Otherwise, you might not get much to eat as most of it will be stuck on the grill.

The side bar! Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the appetisers quite a bit and there were - Japanese (Soba, Chawanmushi, Scallop wings, Edamame..etc) , Korean (Kimchi), Chinese (Yong Tau Foo like boiled stuff) choices and ingredients to make a simple basic salad/fruits!

Try the Mentaiko Mayo dressing. Yummy~

Chawanmushi was flavourful and decent, although if it had been hotter, it would have been better.
 A mix of appetizers...
Last few items on the grill!

We went during the weekend lunch promotion which is 50% off 2nd pax. from 12pm - 3.30pm.

A jug of Iced Lemon Tea ($12.90) was added to the bill, hence total for 2 pax was about $80 SGD inclusive of ++.

Service had more misses than hits, probably because we were there during an off-peak timing.

It's quite pricey even after the discount which would probably deter me from going back again unless there is some ridiculously great offer.

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