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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tsukada Nojo at Plaza Singapura

Attempted to eat this on Valentine's Day but it was fully booked by the time we arrived. Hence, after learning our lesson, we arrived at 4.30pm to "chope" our spot in the queue so that we would be guaranteed dinner in the first round of Bijin Nabe (Beauty Hotpot) servings at 5pm.

At approximately 5.05pm, the staff started to usher us in table by table and we were seated at the back of the restaurant. 

After seating us, we were given a couple of minutes to look at the menu before ordering. Choice of Tea or Water was also served to each table. 

The utensils were neatly lined up by the side of the table which is a little too compact for 2 people.

The famous Collagen pieces (blobs?). After a couple of minutes, the blobs melted and a lovely aroma wafted up from the pot.

Many people ordered the onigiri so we ordered one as well. However I didn't try it as I was just there for the Chicken Soup! You are supposed to wrap the cabbage around the onigiri to eat.

Portion featured is for 2 pax.

First taste of the soup and chicken before any other ingredients were added. First impression is that it's a little fishy but the taste of comfort grows on you. The chicken meat was also chewy more than tender. Best to drink and eat hot! 

Knowing that it's our first time, the waitress served us and introduced the ingredients while placing them into the pot by the recommended order.

The slices of watermelon radishes made the pot looked really pretty. Love the freshness of the organic vegetables too.

They said this was seaweed and to add sparingly as it's salty. However, after adding quite a bit...didn't find it salty at all. Perhaps, our taste buds are goners already. Nice shape though.

Yuzu slices! Added this in the second round of the soup top-up. The top-up was a bowl of blobs and not liquid just in case you are wondering.

After the soup top-up, also added in the noodles and prawns. Chose the thick mochi mochi ramen over the other 2 which were glass noodles and egg noodles.

End of the meal, we were given a stamp card and a plate with words and 2 jelly cubes on top (mango and coke?). Very soft but nice.

We left the prawn heads inside to make the soup sweeter. All in all, it was a pretty good experience. However, at this point, my conclusion is that it's not a meal which I would specially make the effort to keep queuing for.

Perhaps, I may change my mind if I get a future craving for the Chicken soup and fresh ingredients! :)

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