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Friday, March 6, 2015

Moojaa - disapppointing

Moojaa has been a disappointing experience twice.

Introduced a bunch of friends to this Mookata place for their gathering due to the 1-for-1 offer and they were closed unannounced on a Monday. It wasn't stated anywhere on their promotional offer or even outside their outlet. My friends had to call their Keong Saik outlet to find out. Meh.

Second time, I recommended this place again to another group of friends instead of the usual Macpherson Mookata that they always go to.

The things that went wrong -
1) Facebook offer couldn't be used per table. It was for every 1 for 1 (two people).
2) Asked them how about the streetdirectory promotion, they claimed that it wasn't done with their approval. 
2) I tried to ask my 1st group of friends (see above) to see if any of them claimed but they had trashed the email so I asked them for their email addresses to see if the outlet would be able to verify via their email address.
3) Explained to them and was informed that the promotion was by Facebook Singapore and not by them so they don't have the email addresses.
4) Finally, after some lengthy explanation, they allowed the 4 of us to utilize the promotion. I was the only one who claimed the facebook offer.
5) Took our orders for the premium meats and when we tried to order the food, we were informed that the items will come in a standard set and we could order more later. Drinks are at the self service station.
6) We weren't informed that the seafood were only available for a single serving (which is the portion in their "standard set") due to the 1 for 1 promotion till we were ready to make our second order.
7) The thai cha yen (milk tea) was sort of sour? So we feedback and asked if the tea was supposed to be like that, giving them the benefit of the doubt since every shop should have their own recipe.
8) The person who made the drinks wasn't very happy or receptive though even though we explained that we were just clarifying.
9) Crab stick was also considered under seafood :( but clams are not and they didn't give us that in the first standard set which was how I found out that it's still available for ordering. (because we asked.)
10) We weren't informed that the canned drinks were also included in the free flow till much later (again, we only got to know because we asked!!!)

Summary: Service was lacklustre, we were expected to ask for information (and information that first time customers will definitely not be aware about!) and not informed until a situation happens.

I have passed by this place multiple times and they are always pretty empty. With this standard, I don't think they will be around for long either.  Variety was so little that after you take away all the seafood/premium meats, there wasn't much to order at all.

Total damage for 4 people was $82 which isn't exactly the cheapest even with the 1 for 1.

Verdict: 1 time visit and that's it. No more recommendations to friends for this lousy place. 

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