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Saturday, March 21, 2015

So.....I am on a beauty kick (shopping therapy?) lately !

Looking at the list of things I am buying....OMG (I think I am over spending.......)

Clarisonic Aria ....... (I am contemplating if I should sell it off as I feel that my skin seems to be breaking out after using so I am not sure if it's because I am not suitable to use this gadget..... )

And I also bought the Miracurl ...

But I sold it even before using it once -_-

Too lazy.

And now I just bought this list of items :

Going to use this nightly as a night exfoliant...face has been looking dull and tired so hope this helps!

Breaking out on my forehead, chest, back and chin area like crazy lately...think it's the hormones. Hopefully it clears up soon.....
I have annoying marks on the chest and my back which I need to clear so......crossing fingers!

I have my doubts about the Clarisonic but perhaps using it with this cleanser will help?

And not to forget about the most important sunblock!!! =X

LOL...I am going to use this on the eye, mouth and neck tree lines are coming out.

Last but not least, a mask to help nourish, cleanse and whiten!!!

PLUS Haircare - replenished my favourite Tsubaki Shining Series !

Love this shampoo and conditioner because it makes my hair colour a lot brighter and vibrant than other brands. PLUS, it didn't cost me an arm and leg this time as I bought it from the above seller.

And I ordered 2 bottles of yuzu citron, a dress and skirt ._.

Bangkok is also going to cost me a bomb !

And let's not talk about Japan........

LOL! Anyway, if you want to see our Bangkok Travel Tips, follow me on instagram : bunnymuses

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