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Friday, October 3, 2014

A semi-closure post on Alvivi ( Alvin Tan / Vivien Lee) ?

After a few months of slience, Alvin has finally re-appeared again online and in United States of America, no less.

To summarize this on-going SAGA -

  • Alvin and Vivien was released on bail to film a documentary in Singapore
  • The documentary was cancelled.
  •  Alvin took the opportunity to fly from Malaysia to Singapore to Mexico and he crossed the Mexico/USA border by foot to seek for asylum
  • Vivien stayed in Malaysia and will  face the music in the Malaysia Courts.
  • Alvin was imprisoned as he had entered USA without a valid VISA
  • After 3 months + he was released on Parole and finally have access to the internet where his current situation, Malaysia Politics and his experience are currently being broadcasted on his facebook mostly.
  • He is currently on Parole, pending for the decision on his asylum application
  • If it fails, he intends to appeal until he exhaust all legal avenues to get permission to stay in USA
To make it more juicy, Alvin claims that he and Vivien are broken up and she wanted to go with him but didn't have the money. Vivien claims that they are not broken up and she had been worried about his disappearance and did not know of his plans.

To read more :

  2. Exclusive interview with Alvin Tan (Sept 2014)
  3. - Vivien's Facebook
  4. - Alvin's Facebook (this is where he updates more often)
  5. (Alvin's Page)

A request to close his Facebook page by MCMC (The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission ) -

His present actions and words have been the cause of many discussions, comments and verbal wars between Chinese and Malays , Singaporeans and Malaysians online.

Anyway, regardless of all the hoo-ha, Alvin has plainly stated that his dream is to break it in the acting industry as an asian male & he doesn't really care what you think.

Therefore, just sit back, eat your popcorns and see how this young man's destiny will unfold in the next 12 months ahead. 

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